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Across the world, many unique hotels were built for visitors to enjoy their stay at, from hotels in trees to one on wheels. Some unique hotels include the Treehotel, the Ice Hotel, Hotel Kakslauttanen, and the Cabin. Each of these hotels are located in different locations all around the world and are unique in their own ways. The Treehotel, located in Sweden, is a hotel where tourists are taken away into tall trees during their stay. The hotel rooms are located among leaves and branches to enjoy the experience of being surrounded by nature.

At the Treehotel, visitors can book different rooms. The choices that are available are the mirror cube, bird’s nest, the cabin, the 7th room, the UFO, the dragonfly, and the blue cone.

The mirror cube room contains mirrors all around the outside of the hide-out, that camouflage it with all the surrounding trees. Another room, called the bird’s nest, depicts the picture of a gigantic nest.

The cabin room was based on the idea of overlooking the Lule River Valley, and to get to the room, tourists can cross a bridge hidden in the forest surrounding it. One of the larger choices of the rooms, but still not the biggest, is the 7th room which covered by a life-size photograph of trees. The room takes up 75 square meters and even has a patio attached to it. A space-themed room is what visitors can find in the UFO room. The biggest room, without a doubt, is the dragonfly room.

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This room is a private suite but can also be used as a conference room due to its size. The last choice that people can choose from is the blue cone. The blue cone is a cone-shaped room attached to a bridge from a nearby mountain. Also located in Sweden, is the Ice Hotel. This hotel isn’t just a regular hotel, it is also an art exhibit. The ice in the hotel is cooled by solar panels during the summer or else the ice would melt. If visitors don’t like to have a room surrounded by ice, they can choose to stay in a warm room that isn’t covered in ice. All the ice is sculptured by art sculptures to show creativity in art. During the stay at the hotel, there are many activities to get involved in such as an ice sculpting class or a tour of the hotel. Hotel Kakslauttanen is located in Finland and includes rooms of igloos during the stay.

One of the best reasons to visit Finland and this hotel is that it is one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world. Visitors’ hotel rooms, in the igloos, have a view of the northern lights from the inside for it is one of the best places to see the lights. While at the hotel, the weather in Finland is normally cold, so at the hotel, visitors can reserve saunas for warmth or relaxation. The hotel also provides warm wool socks, a hat, and a sleeping bag. One more unique hotel around the world is located in America in Santa Monica, California, called the Cabin. This hotel is located on a bus, known as a hotel on wheels, and travels throughout some areas of California such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Inside the bus, there is a designated sleeping cabin for each person.

Because of the limited space, each family can only purchase four tickets per ride, and only kids 10 and up can be accepted on the bus. When building the Cabin, they designed it for the safest and most comfortable rides possible, making comfortable beds and choosing a steady route on the road. Inside the bus, there isn’t just one floor. There are two floors, the bottom floor with a dining area and bathroom, and the top floor with the cabins. Just like a regular hotel, the Cabin provides body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. The bus also contains a bathroom with a shower, a sleep mask, water, and even sleep amenities in case visitors cannot fall asleep. There are many unique hotels around the world built for enjoyment and pleasure like the Treehotel, the Ice Hotel, Hotel Kakslauttanen, and the Cabin bus hotel. All of these hotels are unique in their own ways and give an exciting and different way to stay on vacation.

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