STRENGTHSWhat do you do well? What unique resources can you draw on?

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What do you do well?

What unique resources can you draw on?

What do others see as your strengths? WEAKNESSES

What could you improve?

Where do you have fewer resources than others?

What are others likely to see as weaknesses?

• Menstrual cups are Eco-friendly. “The women’s Environmental Network describes that each year more than 400 million pounds Trusted Source of sanitary pads, tampons, and tampon applicators end up in landfills” (Heath line Media, 2005 – 2019).

• Menstrual cups are good for health because it does not dry the vagina.

It protects women from the dangerous bacteria, and vaginal infections.

• It protects women from Toxic shock syndrome because these are not related with TSS, it means it is unique, life- frightening circumstances related to tampon use.

• Menstrual cups are chemical free, natural. It does not include any dangerous ingredients, which found in pads, and tampons. According to the “World Health Organization (WHO) Trusted Source”, cups are free from dioxins. Dioxins find in pads, and tampons, which are dangerous chemicals, which are known to cause cancer in humans.

• Cups are comfortable to use. Women do not feel that they are in their period’s time (Health Line Media, 2005-2019).

• There are no advertisements of menstrual cups online – social media or offline- in newspapers, magazines. Therefore, some people most in developing, and third world countries even do not know about cups. So, I would recommend to give advertisement for the growth of cups. In addition, should give some practical knowledge about how to use cups because women do not know how to use it.

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They do not have enough knowledge how to insert it.

• Cleanup of cup is a big matter because women do not feel comfortable when they are out of home, and it is very difficult for them to wash it in public washrooms.

• Some allergic problem with rubber.

• Some women carry wipes and bottle water to wash it, but, it does not clean cups properly, and bacteria can remain in the cups without proper cleanness (Health-line Media, 2005-2019).


What opportunities are open to you?

What trends could you take advantage of?

How can you turn your strengths into opportunities?


What threats could harm you?

What is your competition doing?

What threats do your weaknesses expose you to?

• Modernization, comfort-life, no risk of overflow in public, protect from dangerous bacterium, overall healthy life, important thing it is hygienic, protect from TSS,

• Maybe on special days like beginning of the year, Christmas day, and from new younger generation (Course Hero, 2019)

• Give Menstrual cups with some deals like buy-one, get-one free, take feedback, give proper information, should focus on younger generation (Course Hero, 2019).

• If women have failed to use it at their first time, then they will not use, and would buy it again because they will have fear in mind about cups.

• Similar problems happen like TSS (Health line Media, 2005-2019).

• Hard to change mentality, mostly in Asian countries, so, cups are not for everyone – as if unmarried women can’t use it, if they use it, then they will loose their virginity, and it will affect them in future.

• Giving advertisements online and offline, and are taking every reasonable steps to sell their product.

• I think so, in today’s world, company should focus on offline advertisements as well because not everyone uses internet 24/7 hours. Therefore, it is hard to get in touch with people. For better results and growth, company should be focus on it (Course Hero, 2019).


Brand & Promotional Analysis Worksheet

Step 1: Brand Analysis

The first step will be to perform an analysis of the brand’s image and unique

Do your best to answer the following questions:

• How would you rate the strength of the brand and positioning with consumers? (well-known established brand equity or novel brand without established positioning in the market)

• How would you describe the brand personality (serious, sophisticated, spunky, fun, bold, humorous etc.)?

• What are the key attributes and benefits of the product/service?

• What is the unique selling proposition (USP) or competitive advantage of the product or service?

• Are there other brands within the company that leverage the same branding, further building brand equity?

Part 1) Well, I have chosen blossom menstrual cup as examine to others inclusive of Diva, Venus and Lalicup, due to lower charge and excellent the general public decide upon this in place of others it is approximately $ 13 that is why blossom got four out of 5 at the behalf of consumers ( Miller, February 7, 2019).

Part 2) As compared to different cups, blossom considered to be as a complicated tactic because it’s far neither difficult nor soft to insert but I found the right medium in blossom cup (Seven best menstrual, February 7, 2015).

Part 3) It includes:

• It is based on hygiene and save you from unsightly odor.

• Inferior price and not as much of landfill waste.

• It is durable product for 15 years and enables to store time.

• It is a kind of versatile personality and comfortable to use everywhere without any menstrual cramps (Women health, February 9, 2015).

Part 4) Blossom cup is a form of flower with complete of fragrance displaying its unique promoting proposition and the aggressive advantage of this product is that it’s miles ecofriendly with none facet impact best at cheapest rate with top quality. It is run by two ladies (mothers) who are motivated to care for the earth (Blossom cup, n.d.).

Part 5) As I researched that blossom has its own method to campaign it does not use any legal practices for showing their products to the public it shows loyalty by using its own method or creativity to aware consumer about their product.

Step 2: Promotional Analysis

The second step is to review past promotional efforts of the company for this brand or service. If the product is brand new, describe the promotional efforts of previous product launches from the company. Although you will likely not be able to locate all the promotional elements from past campaigns, do your best to answer the following questions.

Places to visit: Company website, Google search, YouTube, Social Media Sites, In-Store,

Do your best to answer the following questions:

• What types of promotions did they engage in (print, TV, newspaper, social media marketing etc.)?

• What was some of the key messaging?

• What were the likely promotional objectives of past campaigns? (gain awareness, trial of product, remind consumers of USP etc.)

• Where would you deduct that most of their advertising budget was spent on? (Sales promos, online, TV, print etc.)

• Does there appear to be a consistent look and feel across various consumer promotions or do they appear disjointed?

You may also want to include a few visuals of print campaigns, internet or outdoor media if relevant.

Part 1) In this fast pace scenario, youth generation mostly depends on technology and they choose to buy everything with the aid of setting an order from any social software this is why employer promoting its product on specific apps because it facilitates to store time in preference to walk in every store (Frequently asked questions, n.d.).

Part 2): Key message:


figure 1- cup/

Part 3) According to past scenario it was not far easy to convince people about it because women’s were not bold and aware about these practices. Moreover, females mostly visited at hospital and nurses recommended them to use this product and help to build up loyalty in them about menstrual cups.

Part 4) As I cited earlier that now a day’s humans using less television and magazines due to the fact, they’ve no longer enough time to take a seat and study or watch television so it is better to keep money at the same time as stop advertising merchandise on magazines or one-of-a-kind television channels (Frequently asked questions, n.d.).

Part 5) To some extent they are consistent in nature like they have a same motive and objective to attract public towards their products to build up trust in them however it is disjointed as well they used so many methods such as hoarding, online advertisements and word of mouth.

Competitor Analysis Worksheet

Step 1: Identify Key Competitors

The first step will be to perform an analysis to identify your key competitors. In some cases, this will be fairly clear and straightforward. In other cases, it may take a bit of research to narrow down. The video series on ‘The Strategic Planning Process’ will give you some direction on how to do this.

And don’t forget to consider both your direct and indirect competition!

? Menstrual cups are an ecologically cordial, agreeable, advantageous, and practical arrangement that are quickly turning into the most favored decision by ladies everywhere throughout the planet. With the rising fame of the menstrual cups, there are a multiple and large number of brands, assortments, and models being produced today. In light of the mind-boggling measure of menstrual containers offered available, it tends to be overwhelming to filter through dozens of brands.

Multiple brands include:

DIVACUP – The DivaCup is a reusable, chime formed silicone menstrual container that sits low in the vaginal trench, gathering as opposed to retaining menstrual stream. While another idea for some, menstrual glasses have really existed since the 1930s when ladies were scanning for an option in contrast to the decisions of the time. Be that as it may, its achievement into the female cleanliness industry is substantially later.

The DivaCup offers ladies another approach to think about their period, is anything but difficult to utilize, too comfortable and engages ladies to associate with their bodies and menstrual cycles more than ever. By coordinating The DivaCup into your female class show, you can position yourself as a pioneer and pioneer in the ladylike cleanliness classification!

The DivaCup Features:

I. Produced using the most noteworthy quality human services grade silicone to guarantee solace and sturdiness.

ii. Does not contain any of the accompanying: latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer, polyethylene, and free of hues and colors.

iii. Reusable and eco-accommodating – no waste, no synthetic compounds.

iv. Highlights additional hold edges for simpler expulsion.

V. Cleared for showcasing by the US FDA and the Australian TGA and the main reusable menstrual container permitted to be sold in Canada by Health Canada.

vi. Diva International Inc. is the main ISO 13485:2003 guaranteed menstrual glass maker and head office on the planet!

vii. 12-hour release free assurance (Diva cup, n.d.).

SAALT – It’s a reusable delicate silicone glass worn inside like a tampon that gathers, as opposed to ingests, your period. Salt is made in three steps:

i. Create – They make elite items without any trade offs that improve period care to help solid and manageable living.

ii. Engage – They encourage a worldwide network of individuals who settle on purposeful and clear decisions in their lives—individuals who accomplish more with less, and have legit and motivating discussions that bring mindfulness and help end menstrual disgrace.

iii. Empower – With their accomplices, they engage ladies and young ladies deprived by giving reusable period care items that give long haul arrangements, and by subsidizing instructive grants and fundamental abilities preparing. They comprehend that putting resources into ladies is the quickest and best method for changing a network. When you help a lady, you make change for ages (Cherie & Amber, n.d.).

LENA – Lena is a ringer molded glass that gathers your month to month menstrual blood. Embedded like a tampon, Lena sits serenely in your vagina and offers a release and sans sensation period. Lena keeps up a sound pH level so you can remain normally damp and agreeable. Lena’s adaptable plan moves with you and offers total security and solace. Lena was intended for a functioning current client. You can move, run, swim, ride a bicycle, and utilize your container medium-term. You can wear Lena Cup for up to 12 continuous hours day and night. (What is menstrual cup, n.d.)?

VENUS – The Venus Cup was extraordinarily intended to oblige an overwhelming stream, yet it is as yet reasonable for the individuals who have a light stream too. With its streamlined body and round base, it has a more noteworthy limit in both little and huge sizes than most of menstrual mugs available without the additional length. Each glass is intently assessed and after that goes legitimately from the machine to being fixed in a pack to wipe out odds of a sullying.

There is no second speculating the nature of the Venus Cup!

i. It is produced in the USA

ii. FDA enrolled (3003270419)

iii. Has a legitimate ISO endorsement

iv. Made of 100% medicinal evaluation silicone and FDA-consistent colorants (Menstrual Cup full review, January 21, 2019).

LALICUP – Lalicup is a menstrual glass, the first planned and delivered in Slovenia. Lalicup was made for all ladies and young ladies to make their period experience progressively lovely, simpler to deal with and considerably more agreeable. Lalicup menstrual container is more beneficial, increasingly agreeable, dependable, and biological and furthermore a lot less expensive option in contrast to customary female cleanliness items utilized in the previous hundreds of years.

LaliCup is a menstrual container, the first structured and created in Slovenia.

LaliCup was made for all ladies and young ladies to make their period experience increasingly lovely, simpler to deal with and substantially more agreeable.

LaliCup is more beneficial, increasingly agreeable, solid, and biological and furthermore a lot less expensive option in contrast to customary female cleanliness items utilized in the previous hundreds of years.

Indirect Competitors of Menstrual Cups Include:

1. Sanitary Pads

2. Tampons

3. Menstrual Discs

4. Sea Sponges (Brickell, July 2, 2018).

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