Tim Burton’s Unique Style of Film Presentation

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Influenced by many story creators, such as Roald Dahl, Edgar Allan Poe, and Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton has a style of directing films that appeals to people all over the nation. His work is able to mess with the audience’s emotions, making them go from happy to terrified in a second. The pieces of art he develops and puts out to the world portray Burton has a rare and outstanding gift. He has created his films like no other and has astonished many people with the fascinating job he’s done.

The motion pictures he produces are able to pull people in, so they can’t get their eyes off the screen. His style can be best described as dark and gothic. Director Tim Burton uses various cinematic techniques in his films to show his style.

To start off, Burton uses the cinematic technique low key, which involves lighting, to display his grotesque style. Tim Burton uses this technique to apply a feeling of fear and terror.

For example, in Edward Scissorhands, when Peg, the Avon lady, goes into Edward’s mansion, the setting becomes dark and colorless. Tim Burton does this to create the image that the house is haunted, or abandoned and therefore give the audience a scare. He also makes use of this technique in Corpse Bride.

Another cinematic technique used in Tim Burton’s films is non-diegetic sound. Often times, he makes the audience feel uneasy and uncomfortable with the tracks he uses in his films.

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An example of this would come up in Corpse Bride. Another film he uses this technique in is Edward Scissorhands. When Edward stabs Jim, walks towards the window, and pushes him out, horror music is played in the background. Burton purposely did this to build tension in the audience and make them keep watching. The music goes with what is going on in the movie and adds to the terror.

Last but not least, Tim Burton utilizes camera angles to set a mood of fear. For instance, in Edward Scissorhands,

In conclusion, Tim Burton has a dark and horrific style. He uses several cinematic techniques in his films to show this. Many can agree Burton has an interesting style that is set apart from the styles of others. He has the ability to bring his characters to life and bring the audience into their heads. Due to this, Burton often makes his viewers emotional. He has directed many fun films, such as Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, and much more. Countless individuals enjoy his work very much, as he has such a rare and odd style.

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