The Originality and Art of Tim Burton in Batman, a 1989 Movie

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Batman Reflection

The movie “Batman” was directed by Tim Burton in 1989. The film was about a boy who watched his parents get murdered and grew up, becoming a superhero, to seek vengeance on his parents’ murderers. The movie was based off of the well-known “Batman” comic, but of course made into Tim Burton’s view of the comic. Michael Keaton plays this version of Tim Burton’s “Batman” and does a good job at Portraying the director’s view. In the article “The Art of Tim Burton: The Artist Before The Filmmaker”, it speaks about Tim Burton’s style of art, how he expresses his emotions and dramatic exaggerations through it.

Seeing his art turned into a real life film really shows how can make his art “come off the pages”. In the film Batman you can see the creative mind of Tim Burton, and how he uses the same ideas for art in his films.

In Batman Tim Burton shows his signature with the dark lighting in most scenes and his dark humor.

Most dark lighting was used during the night scenes when Batman himself came out and also when the villain the Joker made his appearances. A large portion of the dark humor came from the villain the Joker. The Joker’s character was known to be a villain, evil but always smiled and laughed in an evil way showing his dark humor. In one scene the Joker had an electric buzzer on his palm and shook the hand of a man electrocuting the man to his death but laughed while doing it, making jokes.

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The scene wasn’t scary at all but almost comical. Being that this is a man that just died, but still some way making it a joke and not a horror shows another example of dark humor. Although Tim Burton didn’t fully create the costumes of the Joker and Batman the color schemes still match his signature art. The Batman wearing all black and some dramatic features, even his car is all black, his spirit animal is a bat. The Joker doesn’t match the all black look, but his facial features match the dark humor emotions shown in Tim Burton’s work from the past. The article also mentioned that Tim Burton uses some bright colors at times and that would be the purple, yellow, and green the Joker wears. Tim Burton is known for being original and he showed that with this classic, “Batman”.

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