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Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton
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Societal issues in Edward Scissorhands In the movie Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton displays societal issues within a unique story about a man that was created with scissors as hands. Burton demonstrates how society tends to manipulate people into wanting to fit in and not become the outcast. In my own life I can relate to Edward’s environment of being told what to do because of my height and talent. In the contrary I can not relate to the fact that Edward was oblivious to some…...
Edward ScissorhandsTim Burton
Tim Burton’s Many Memorable Films
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Tim Burton was always obsessed with misfits and loners. He says in a quote “'I don't know why but I always related to characters like Frankenstein. I think a lot of kids do; it’s easier to relate to the monster in the sense of he's alone.” He also says in a quote 'I was never scared of monster movies. I could happily watch a monster movie.” (Pringle) Tim Burton is influenced by many unique people such as Edgar Allen Poe…...
FictionMonsterTim Burton
 Tim Burton’s Cinema Technique Essay  
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Pages • 3
Tim Burton’s dark, and gothic sense of humor is widely seen throughout his movies. Growing up with his love for classic children’s author such as Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss has influenced his films styles. Tim Burton's use of Editing, Camera Angles, and Music/ Sound has allowed him to be an award winning director. Tim Burton is known for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands. In each of these films Tim Burton uses cinematic techniques to…...
Edward ScissorhandsEntertainmentTim Burton
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Tim Burton, Director of Many Films
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Tim Burton once said “we can gaze into the stars and sit together now and forever for it is as plain as anyone can see we simply meant to be” - Nightmare Before Christmas (1993. Tim burton is a director of a lot movies he directed miss peregrine home for peculiar children, charlie and the chocolate factory,Edward scissors hands, Beetlejuice and the nightmare before Christmas, and a lot more. He had many influences like Dr Seuss, Roald Dahl, and Vincent…...
MusicSuspenseTim Burton
The Rise of Sub-Urbanization in Edward Scissorhands, a Film by Tim Burton
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Pages • 2
Edward Scissorhands  The nameless town of Edward Scissorhands is a visible representation of the changes sweeping through the nation during the mid-twentieth century. Greater economic prosperity, increasing wages, and legislation such as the G. I. Bill led to a rise suburbanization. Conflict with the Soviet Union and the rise of McCarthyism influenced the characteristic paranoia and necessity of conformity during this era. The town exists as a homogenized, cookie-cutter “Levittown" where the relationships are just as manicured and useless as…...
Tim Burton
The Real Monsters in Corpse Bride, a Film by Tim Burton
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Pages • 2
When the living are dead, the dead live: a study about the monsters in tim burton's corpse bride. The monsters appear in the literature since its beginning, illustrating frescos and composing the decoration of the medieval churches. However, the character represented by the monster loses its importance in the studies about the aesthetic of beauty, posteriorly it assumed a position against the beauty and nowadays the monster got his prestige back using a new suit following the studies of Gothic.…...
Tim Burton
The Originality and Art of Tim Burton in Batman, a 1989 Movie
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Pages • 2
Batman Reflection The movie “Batman” was directed by Tim Burton in 1989. The film was about a boy who watched his parents get murdered and grew up, becoming a superhero, to seek vengeance on his parents' murderers. The movie was based off of the well-known “Batman” comic, but of course made into Tim Burton's view of the comic. Michael Keaton plays this version of Tim Burton's "Batman” and does a good job at Portraying the director's view. In the article…...
Tim Burton
An Analysis of the Emphasis of the Important Moments in the Movies by Tim Burton
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Pages • 4
When a director sits down to create a movie, they have an idea of what moments in the movie must be emphasized to improve the story and make the movie his/her own. To emphasize these important happenings, the director can make specific lighting choices, diegetic and non diegetic sound choices, and shot and angle choices. (Note: diegetic is defined as able to be heard logically by the characters existing in the cinematic scenario, and non-diegetic is the opposite) Making his…...
Tim Burton
Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques Essay
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Pages • 3
Cinematic Techniques used by Tim Burton in His Movies Tim Burton main style of movie is Gothic. There are many different types of cinematic techniques all used to communicate meaning and evoke different emotional reactions with the viewers. In most of his movies he is trying to evoke a gothic feeling. For example he uses sound, lighting, and different types of shots and framing. You can observe some of those techniques in his movies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beetle…...
Edward ScissorhandsTim Burton
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