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The Mask of Innocence in Macbeth and Fences
Words • 391
Pages • 2
The Mask of Innocence Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, produces a 'new' Macbeth toward the middle of the book. Macbeth, in his violent and bloody killing spree, ends up killing people ranging from the king, Duncan to his best friend, Banquo, and many others. While doing so, Macbeth, in order not to be suspicious must wear a 'mask.' To hid the real, guilty Macbeth and show an innocent, grieving man, who luckily becomes king through all the blood shed of good…...
A Comparison of Fences by August Wilson and Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz
Words • 311
Pages • 2
Realism is a mid-19th century style seeking to present an objective and an unprejudiced record of the customs, ideas, and appearances of contemporary society. They involve spontaneity, harmonious colors, and subjects from everyday life with a focus on human motive and experience. The costumes are authentic, the characters use vernacular dialogue or everyday speech and settings are often bland or deliberately ordinary. Realism is important to drama because the move towards a more authentic form, realistic plots, and characters that…...
The Different Meaning of the Metaphor in Fences, a Play by August Wilson
Words • 323
Pages • 2
In the play “Fences” by August Wilson, depending on who you are talking to the metaphor may have a different meaning. Fences are a symbol for control and protection. Depending on the story they can symbolize a feeling of being restrained or a desire to block one's self off from the rest of the world. To Rose, the fence is a metaphor for control. The fence allows her to keep her family close and have more of a relationship with…...
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Waterbuck in South Africa’s Parks and Reserves
Words • 3655
Pages • 15
Waterbuck Waterbuck have always naturally occurred in the northern parts of South Africa and can be found in private game reserves and natural parks and have also been reintroduced to many game parks and reserves. They prefer openanopen  dry country with grassland, bushveld, and even hilly areas as long as it is found close to large bodies of water. Herds of waterbuck are often found in reed beds but never far from permanent water. They are herbivores and primarily grazers…...
The Main Theme of August Wilson’s “Fencing”
Words • 1962
Pages • 8
African American playwright, August Wilson is one of six children raised by his mother and a father figure that is not always around. Wilson was born and grew up in Pittsburgh, where he attended a white neighborhood school for education. While attending the school In was accused of cheating on a school assignment, and as a result, he was removed. Nevertheless, he became active in a black power Movement which gives him a better understanding of the connection between the…...
Female Characters of August Wilson
Words • 1041
Pages • 5
In the Fences, August Wilson's parents became a source of his drama. August Wilson's father was a German baker, Frederick Kittel, and his mother was a cleaning woman, Daisy Wilson. August Wilson’s father had never been with his family, later his parents divorced and his mother remarried David Bedford, who was Wilson’s stepfather. There was a conflict between August Wilson and his new father, which became the source of Wilson’s work. August Wilson denied the financial and emotional support of…...
Physical Barriers and Deterrents
Words • 1437
Pages • 6
1. What are some of the physical barriers provided by CCTV and chain link fences as they related to discouraging criminal activities? Physical security has different types of security which include CCTV surveillance. Video surveillance security is increasingly important because of the advantages it offers. The cameras are placed in visible areas which can also cover a large area through the continuous record of the video. These cameras may also be connected to the alarms and other security features which…...
Criminal PsychologyFences
Rose: The Glue of the Manson Family
Words • 993
Pages • 4
Character Analysis of Rose Rose holds the Manson family together as If she was the glue of the family. She treats everyone the same. Whether they are Klan to each other or not. She looks past the bad things in order to stay positive. Rose always has something to eat laying around the kitchen for anyone and everyone that is in the Manson house even if they are not family. Rose, Troy foil, brings out the good in Troy, and…...
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