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How the Internet Affected Subcultures
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Pages • 6
“Perhaps the most universal claim made about the internet is its ability to transmit cultural congruence” (Amarca). Unlike the premillennial limitations that resulted in the obscurity of many subcultures, one can now hear of a term and immediately search it up on the internet, finding information that previously could have taken days to even years of research. Although some aspects of many subcultures cannot thrive in the modern technological era, the internet has proved to be the best source for…...
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Ender’s Game Orson Scott Card’s Novel
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Ender’s game is a novel written by Orson Scott Card published in January 15, 1985. Ender, the main character, is a mere six years old when he is chosen to go to Battle School, a school for the gifted minds of this advanced civilization. Ender quickly shows his excellence in the war games and is moved up the chain of command. However, throughout this time we hear another group of people discussing Ender’s potential and the idea of keeping him…...
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Valentine Ender’s Game
Words • 373
Pages • 2
C. Joybell once wrote “I can’t decide whether I’m a good girl wrapped in a bad girl or if I’m a bad girl wrapped in a good girl. And thats how I know I’m a woman.” This quote explains Valentine because she has both good and bad traits stating she isn’t either one. Valentine Wiggin is Enders sister, she loves and cares towards him like he’s her own son but when Ender goes off to battle school she starts to…...
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Strength from Isolation – Ender’s Game
Words • 371
Pages • 2
Imagine being a mere eleven years old and commander of the world’s space fleet to destroy an alien race of invaders. This is the story of Ender’s Game. The author, Orson Scott Card, tells the story of a boy named Ender who goes to Battle School to learn to become the commander of Earth’s entire space fleet to eventually destroy an alien race of invaders. To become the commander, his superiors had to isolate him to build his strength. In…...
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How the Internet Affected Subcultures
...Research on representativeness and cultural transmission in textbook pictures, television, and other media has demonstrated that visual imagery can directly impact the self-perception of its viewers and/or reflect the culture which produced it”. Vi...
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