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A Great Work of a New Phase of Black Cinema
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From 1941 to 1959, Hollywood produced more than 350 toned films, later known as film noir. 'DOUBLE INDEMNITY' is the great work of Billy Wilder in 1944 with the famous mythical novelist Raymond Chandler to open a new stage of black film. We saw that the Floyd-style man Neff could not resist the temptation of women and money, and obeyed her words to kill her husband to defraud insurance money. He wants to break free but can't get rid of…...
Double Indemnity
Behind the Shadows
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The low-key lighting is the most distinctive characteristic of film noir, and it is a crucial element of Double Indemnity’s cinematography. Double Indemnity is an exceedingly dark film with characters emerging from the darkness. And, the shadows cover the faces of the characters. The shadows from the low-key lighting mean more than a defining feature of film noir. The use of shadows in Double Indemnity reveals the protagonist’s evil mind and symbolizes the character’s moral descent. Walter Neff, as an…...
Double Indemnity
Film Portfolio Examples
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Double Indemnity! By Chris Hale! Director! Inspiration, aims, goals! Being a director for the first time was quite a challenging task but I really wanted to experience this role and see how much of a difference I could make towards the final film. In order to get an idea of the sort of things a director does I took a look at a couple of videos, and since our task was to replicate a scene from Double Indemnity I decided…...
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