A Great Work of a New Phase of Black Cinema

From 1941 to 1959, Hollywood produced more than 350 toned films, later known as film noir.

‘DOUBLE INDEMNITY’ is the great work of Billy Wilder in 1944 with the famous mythical novelist Raymond Chandler to open a new stage of black film. We saw that the Floyd-style man Neff could not resist the temptation of women and money, and obeyed her words to kill her husband to defraud insurance money. He wants to break free but can’t get rid of it. He struggles with the moral boundary, but the unconscious level makes him make a fatal decision, but when he understands the true motive of this blonde, he does not hesitate to kill her.

Love, at first sight, is purely sensual. This film is different from the general detective film, putting the reasoner Barton in a secondary position. Perhaps this is the intention of Billy Wilder to use the first person of the perpetrator to describe it. We see multiplicity in him. He is voluntary.

The trap was tempted, but after touching Lara, it turned out that he was indeed in a cruel and confusing world, and was easily led to astray by this world. Of course, blondes have become a symbol of black movies, worshipping gold, charming, romantic, and cruel vulgarity, which is a derogatory woman. Show people’s multiplicity, and dark side. It is romantic Romance that Hollywood did not do. As the Jewish Billy Wilder reveals the complexity of human nature, and the darkness of society, after the war, people face nothingness, it is disillusionment, and there is no reason to move forward.

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It is also the best interpretation of Neff’s ridiculousness for the sake of 10,000 yuan.

The gloomy and oppressive atmosphere of the black film coincides with the theme of fatalism and the mainstream American values ​​since World War II. Compared with the main theme, such as the epic mythology and other grand scenes to sing the bright and beautiful American spirit to inspire the Americans, the black film is more desperate and realistic, which sets off the anxiety of the times and the anxiety of the people. ‘The desire to struggle’, ‘the destiny of destruction, and ‘the beauty of the snake’ became the commonality of this theme film. In short, film noir is mainly to show the fear of social change in American men after World War II. For example, soldiers who are retired cannot adapt to civil life, women work independently and refuse to return to the family to bear the traditional female role, and the threat of immigration (colored people Threats to whites. After the war, American society was developing at a high speed. Many of the principles that were pursued before were broken. The impact of the new forces on the old order also caused male-based panic, as well as the beliefs brought by the cold war. Crisis, fear of the atomic bomb, the United States officially entered the historical arena in World War II and assumed many international responsibilities after the war. This is also a change of identity for the United States. After the war, American consumerism developed vigorously, and people are in economic development. Lost yourself, such as the consistently advocating individualism threatened by the way of cooperation, the conformity of suburban life also threatened individual families, industrial cities mechanized people and Metropolis carried too many people’s deformed desires.

The beautiful but fragile Felice in the movie, who has murdered many people for the sake of money, is also the fallen promoter of Walter, who is very fragile inside. In the long history, women have always been vassals of men. However, since the beginning of the 20th century, the feminist movement has been rising, and the voice for women’s independence and freedom has become increasingly high. This is one of the root causes of social corruption in the eyes of many value traditions or social elites. The society in which male power is order is facing a crisis of collapse and disintegration, causing social unrest and chaos in the hearts of the people. The family under the classic industrial civilization is based on the father, the stable middle class, and the stable social model is gradually being destroyed by modern civilization. This dark and gloomy sense of the times is derived from the fear in the heart of men. Therefore, the male characters in all black movies are almost all fragile. After the crime, Walter looked so embarrassed and embarrassed, but before meeting Felice, he was indeed a good man with a bright future and hard work. Walter’s change in DOUBLE INDEMNITY is precisely the concern of men in the era of changes in male status and social nature. Men’s health psychology, after all, can’t escape the ‘beauty’ and the destruction of money. The weakness of human nature has been thoroughly stimulated. In the end, men become victims and criminals. Only women are the origin of all crimes.

The tone of the film is pessimistic and influenced by German expressionism. This is not accidental, as most of the directors of such films are from Germany. The combination of a lot of light and dark contrasts in the film has never been sunny. The character is in a certain sash. Give people the feeling of claustrophobia and fear in space. This is a realistic depiction of American society at the time.

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