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The Ability to Change your Destiny
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Socialization is one of the great aspects of human beings. It is through socialization, that human beings can relate to and influence each other, positively and negatively. In this paper, I will analyze “The freedom movie”, a film featuring a teacher, who through his teaching professional can impact and change the lives of young people who are undergoing different challenges in life occasioned by separation from their people. The movie has been set in Long Beach, taking place immediately after…...
Freedom Writers
Become a Catalyst for Change!
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In 1992, several Los Angeles riots surrounding a Los Angeles Police Department officer beating an African American man, Rodney King, affected Southern California citizens, including many students. In 1994, when Erin Gruwell started as the new ninth-grade English teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School, many of her racially diverse students were still dealing with the aftermath of these violent events (Gruwell, 2012). As an upstander, Gruwell hoped to make a difference in her students’ lives who had been written off…...
Freedom Writers
Freedom Writers: Teacher Believes in Students’ Futures
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Freedom Writers is a movie about how an optimistic inner-city teacher transformed the lives of her ‘unteachable’ at-risk students by believing in them and teaching them how to respect each other. Freedom Writers is based on a true story about how new teacher, Erin Gruwell has been hired to teach English at the newly integrated Woodrow Wilson High School, a few years after the Los Angeles race riots had happened and how she defeated all odds and changed the lives of all…...
Freedom Writers
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