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The Main Benefits Are In Sports
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Most extracurricular activities can significantly affect a student’s life in numerous ways if they choose to take advantage of them. However, one of the best activities that a student can be involved in is sports as they develop good habits that they can transfer during adulthood. The principle benefits are that sports enhance communication, keep teenagers out of trouble and improve their health. To begin with, sports require all team members to have the capacity to venture up and achieve…...
Coach CarterSports
Rapport With Your Students
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As an educator, I pride myself in building a rapport with my students. In order to accomplish this task, I try to connect and gain knowledge through my student’s experiences; through ice breakers, surveys, scavenger hunts, and “all about me’s”. These experiences allow one to incorporate current events, student interest pieces, hands on activities, and relatable lessons into the intervention class. I will set a positive example for my students to follow. It is my goal to remain upbeat, positive,…...
Coach CarterStudent
Respect, Discipline, Education in Coach Carter
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The movie Coach Carter is based on a true story about Ken Carter, a man who is asked to coach the basketball team at Richmond High School, a public school in a poor neighborhood of California where he also played and was a star player. Throughout the movie, Carter teaches his players respect, discipline, and the importance of education. At the first practice, Carter soon learns the players are rude and disrespectful towards him. He emphasizes the importance of respect…...
Coach Carter
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Coach Carter Analysis
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“I came to coach basketball players, and you became students. I came to teach boys, and you became men” (Carter, 2005). This film in particular shows a tremendous under dog story of social change. Coach Ken Carter uses various coaching methods, including the ASR model, in order to break social norms and change the lives of the children in his hometown. Coach Carter, based on a true story, depicts the life of Ken Carter as he sets out on a…...
Coach CarterCommunicationHuman Nature
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