Coach Carter Analysis

“I came to coach basketball players, and you became students. I came to teach boys, and you became men” (Carter, 2005). This film in particular shows a tremendous under dog story of social change. Coach Ken Carter uses various coaching methods, including the ASR model, in order to break social norms and change the lives of the children in his hometown.

Coach Carter, based on a true story, depicts the life of Ken Carter as he sets out on a journey to affect real change in his hometown of Richmond, CA.

Carter takes on the head coach position of the local high school basketball team, the Richmond oilers, after setting many records there himself during his attendance at the school. After seeing the athlete’s rude and disrespectful attitudes, he makes each player sign a contract stating that they have to attend all of their classes, sit in the front row of those classes, maintain a 2.3 grade point average, wear a jacket and tie on game days, and address others respectfully as “sir”.

To make sure the boys are keeping their academic promises, Carter requests the school staff to provide progress reports on player’s grades and attendance.

Coach Carter Lockout

The boys are undefeated on their way to the state championship, but Carter notices from the progress reports that most of his athletes are breaching the contract they signed by underachieving academically. To make clear the importance of his terms, Carter initiates a lockout in order for the boys and the community to realize the importance of their education, only to resume games once the athletes show improvement in their grades.

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The lockout caused a titanic outrage from the athletes, school and community. The school board voted to end the lockout and continue the season, however Carter refused to enforce the message that basketball was more important than education and resigns. Though the gym doors were now open, the athletes refused to play and continued to improve their grades to Carters standards in an…

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