Valentine Ender's Game

C. Joybell once wrote “I can’t decide whether I’m a good girl wrapped in a bad girl or if I’m a bad girl wrapped in a good girl. And thats how I know I’m a woman.” This quote explains Valentine because she has both good and bad traits stating she isn’t either one. Valentine Wiggin is Enders sister, she loves and cares towards him like he’s her own son but when Ender goes off to battle school she starts to help Peter.

Enders Game, a novel written by Orson Scott Card, Valentine is spread between Ender and Peter. She first starts off saving Ender from Peter, then helps Peter, and in the end goes to live in a bugger planet with Ender.

At the beginning of the novel, Valentine helps Ender. After Ender’s monitor gets removed, Peter gets more violent and almost kills Ender. She starts out as a great, kind character helping her brother from Peter.

Val says to Peter as he was about to kill Ender, “And they won’t elect you if your opponents can dig up the fact that your brother and sister both died in suspiciousaccidents when they were little. Especially because of the letter I’ve put in my secret file, which will be opened in the event of my death.” Card shows that she is manipulative and almost blackmails Peter to stop hurting Ender.This really shows that Valentine is a good character in her own way, she is very manipulative and knows how to get her way.

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Valentine Wiggin Ender’s Game

After Ender leaves to go two battle school, Val has no one to mother. The Wiggin family moves to a more calming area surrounded by woods. Some time while Ender was in battle school Valentine changed, shes became a lot smarter and almost uses her kindness to use people and manipulate them to believe what she wants them to. Thier parents think Peter has gotten calmer but Val has seen the truth of him. Then Peter tries talking about almost taking over the world and tries to manipulate Val to help by talking their dad into putting them on his Citizen access on the web. At f…

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Valentine Ender's Game
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