Tim Burton’s Cinema Technique Essay  

Tim Burton’s dark, and gothic sense of humor is widely seen throughout his movies. Growing up with his love for classic children’s author such as Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss has influenced his films styles. Tim Burton’s use of Editing, Camera Angles, and Music/ Sound has allowed him to be an award winning director. Tim Burton is known for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands. In each of these films Tim Burton uses cinematic techniques to create characters that are outcasts to the society.

He does so to advance is theme of how society often isolates and rejects people who are different from what they are accustomed to.

In Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton takes advantage of a long shot to show how the society isolates people who contradict their way of living. In the opening scene of the movie, the audience has a long shot of the town and everything in it.

In the shot, a long road leads from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory on top of the shot to hundreds of identical buildings that are perfectly made, and at the bottom of the shot wee see the bucket family’s poorly constructed house. Tim Burton uses this scene to advance his theme by using the town to represents the society charlie and his family are excluded because of their limited wealth. Because of societies unwillingness to accept those who contradict their way of living, Charlie and his family had to move away from the town.

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In Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton manipulates lighting to characterize Edward as a social outcast in the society that he created. As Edward and Peg drive into town, When Edward looks outside the car window the audience can see the luminous and vibrant colors of the town. On the inside of the car, There is bright lighting on Peg and on her face, but on Edward we see a murky and dim lighting all around him. Tim Burton focuses dim lighting around Edward to make him stand out from the town. This color change and the contradiction of lighting helps the audience to see how Edward doesn’t exactly match with the town and how that he’s clashing with their vibrant lighting with his presence. The town represent society and Edward’s dim lighting represents the irregularity that society is unable to accept and because of it people are outcasted and forced into isolation.

In Big Fish, through the use of flashback and editing,Tim Burton is able to display the refusal of main character by own son because of tendency to fantasize stories. When Will goes to finally meet his father at his deathbed, Will tells a story of how as a young boy he came from Ashton and all his great’s accomplishments. As he’s telling the story the can see that it slowly begins to flashback into when Edward was a younger man and when Will interrupts the flashback, it jolts back into the present. The fact that Will interrupts represents that he has grown past the point of his father’s stories and that.

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