Unique and Diverse Population And Cultures

Franklin County, Ohio is in the central heart of Ohio with Columbus being the capital of the state that offers a unique and diverse population and culture. According to the 2010 Census, there is a total of “1,167,484 total people in Franklin County. Out of that 568,601 (48.7%) are males and 598,883 (51.3%) are females. The Total Race population breakdown according to race is as follows: Whites – 818,220 (70.08%), Blacks – 246,939 (21.15%), Asian – 46,047 (3.94%), Native American/Alaska Native – 2,459 (0.21%), Pacific Islander – 423 (0.04%), Multiple Races – 35,431 (3.03%), and some other Race – 17,965 (1.54%). Franklin County has a fairly decent under 18 age population, with 142,665 (25.

09%) males and 136,735 (22.83%) females. Out of those under 18 population it is further broken down by race as: Whites – 166, 979, Blacks – 75,967, Asian – 10,299, Native American/Alaska Native – 335, Pacific Islander – 115, Multiple Races – 19,137, and some other Race – 6,568.

For the ageing population of 65 years or older, the total 65 + is 117,099 (10.03%) with 43,105 (7.58%) of that being males and 69,119 (11.54%) females. Furthermore, that is broken down by Race 65 + as: Whites – 94,764, Blacks – 18,483, Native American – 188, Asian – 2,512, Pacific Islander – 0, Multiple Races – 875, and some other race – 277. Lastly, Franklin Co. Population with Any Disability is a total of 131,776 (11.

36%), with 61,542 (10.89%) being males with disabilities and 70,234 (11.8%) females with disabilities and out of those under 18 with a disability is 4.95% and over the age of 65 is 37.07%”(U.S., Census, 2010). After reviewing the information above for Franklin County, Ohio, the population I choose to focus on is Senior Citizens and two possible health concerns with the population is (1) Cancer and Elderly Abuse.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death among those 65 years or older, with men having a higher risk over women to get such cancers as Breast, Colon, Prostate, and Lung.

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Let alone in Franklin County 2016, “Breast cancer (mammogram) screenings accounted for 82.3%, Colon cancer screening 9.3% (stool) 69.7% (colonoscopy), Prostate (PSA) 44.8% and Lung. Males have a 64.1% risk of Lung cancer, 20.9% risk of colon and rectum cancer, and 18.9% risk of prostate cancer. Females have a 43.8% risk of Lung cancer, 24.2% Breast cancer risk, and 12.8% risk of Colon and rectum cancer. That being said, Franklin County, Ohio Colon and Rectum Cancers are moderate with a total of 443 new cases every year” (Franklin Co., Health Map, 2016).

These numbers can all be reduced in the senior citizen population with health screening tests, and a healthier lifestyle practices such as staying active and eating a nutritional well-balanced diet. In Franklin County, seniors can also find help with community health interventions for cancer at the American Cancer Society Central Region Office which provides resources and emotional support for all cancer patients, as well at the Columbus Cancer Clinic, who demonstrate a financial need at 150% poverty level, to help with transportation to and from medical and treatment appointments and the Isabella Ridgeway program to assist with daily living, healthy eating practices, health screenings and personal care.

The next health concern would be Elder Abuse, which can be defined as “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person”, and can be done through such abuse means as financial, physical, psychological, sexual, and intentional or unintentional neglect and impacts older adults of all races, cultures, sexual orientations, social classes, geographic areas, faiths, mental and physical abilities and capacities. Risk factors that are more likely to increase chances of abuse would be environments that have lower healthcare standards, poor physical environment, relationship dependency, financial dependencies, social isolation, having a poor physical and mental health disorders due to loss of physical or mental capacity.

Alzheimer’s has a significant impact on senior health because it effects their overall behavioral and cognitive functions, safety, and self-care at home or in a residential facility. In Franklin County, “Intentional Injuries for 65 years and older accounted for 8.7% of injuries/hospitalizations” (Franklin Co., Health Map, 2016). Such Community health interventions in Franklin County geared at helping reduce the number of cases of senior/elder abuse is Adult Protective Services (APS) in Franklin County partners with the Department of Ageing and Job and Family Service to investigate reports of elder adult abuse, exploitation, fraud, or neglect, helps pursue legal or criminal actions if there reports deem appropriate and works to maximize seniors independence. Ohio Department of Health – Division of Quality Assurance, Complaint unit investigates complaints involving home health agencies, nursing facilities, hospitals and other health related facilitates for abuse.

The Alzheimer’s Association of Central Ohio holds caregiver support groups, educational sessions, caregiver support, and offers a 24/7 hotline for support for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. As well as other agencies, such as ALS Association-Central & Southern Ohio, Franklin County Caregiver Support Program, Long term Care Consultation (Central Ohio Area Agency of Aging), and Adult Day Service programs to meet the supportive needs of older adults. For my personal self-assessment I choose one that actually radiates close to my personal family history of Colon Cancer. After answering such questions as family history of colorectal polyps or cancer, age, gender, weight, whether I smoked or drank an excess of 7-14 alcoholic drinks per week, or medical history diagnosis, such as Crohn’s disease or Gardner disease. My result was deemed High.

This was calculated due to my family history of close personal relatives, such as my father, who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at 37 and other family members with polyps, also with moderate risk factors such as being 32 years old, and my BMI being over 30 (33.4 %) – which is considered obese. However, preventative factors that help decrease my chances are that I am not 50 years old, I get 30 mins. of moderate exercise (2-3 days) a week, my diet is low in fat, I do not smoke or drink 7-14 alcoholic beverages per week, and my overall health is good. After the assessment, it does stress the importance of getting a colon screening test performed earlier than recommended (50+) in helping prevent or diagnosis early on colorectal cancer in finding polyps.

In Conclusion, Franklin County, Ohio is seen has having a well balanced mix population that continues to show growth. That being said, with more and more of the population aging, Senior Citizens in Franklin County as well as local agencies should focus on also the growing health concerns such as Cancer and Elderly Abuse (with such factors as Alzheimer’s). If we can minimize the rates and risks early, then countless Senior Citizens in Franklin County, Ohio can continue to live an active, healthy, and safe long life. For my own personal self-assessment I will try to reduce my results by trying to lower my BMI (below 30) and get a screening colonoscopy performed every few years to ensure that polyps are caught and removed earlier to prevent the potential growth of colon cancer.

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