Diverse Society


Culture is the way of life in a particular society or group of people including their belief, behaviour, dress, and language. Culture also when you born or growth up the place you learn the way of living.

Culture sometimes a person learns from his family or surrounding when he growth up. A child born in UK and growth in Africa he should learn African culture, such as the food he eat, the music he listen and the dress what he wear.

Every society has a different culture where people share a specific language, traditions, behaviour and belief. Everyone have to respect others culture.

Your Contribution To The Society

For example Indian people have their own culture the way they dressed and the food they cook also music and dance.


Ethnicity is the group of people identity with or feels they belong to. Ethnic is the measure of culture, language, dress, nationality or citizenship. Ethnic group in the United Kingdom include English, Indian, Pakistan, Irish, Scottish and African.

Ethnic should be understands from the biological aspect and cultural aspect.

Different ethnics may different dress differently, speak differently and eat different food. For example white people look at black people the way not treat them fairly that could happen discrimination.


Race is refers to people based on their biological characteristics such as colour of skin, colour of hair, eye colour and facial feature.


Religion is identifying the way of life. There are different types of religion in the world, such as Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhism and catholic.

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They are their own celebrating like Christian can celebrate Easter and Jewish people celebrate Passover.

Religion emphasizes the importance of being good and of being right all religions try to make human being better life.

Sometimes discrimination can happen in the religions when people assume that their religion is right than the others and that everyone could believe in and follow them.


Gender is biological differences in male and female weather we born boys or girls. Before men has more responsibility than women. Woman does house work and men can do outside house such as office work. In this time woman have to right work but still have responsibility to look after their children.

For example two couples working full time and when they came home the woman has cook dinner and the men watching TV.


We all have our own sexuality. Sexuality is a complex aspect of our personality and self. Some people should change their sexuality because they are not fell comfort they become heterosexual, homosexual or bio sexual. Sometimes because of peers or society they try to other sexuality.

For many peoples difficult to decide who you are or what you want in your sexuality, because of their strict family or religion belief also the country where they live.

For example in Africa if you are a gay or lesbian you cannot stay in the country they will kill you. But in UK you can married and have children.


Age is important factors in today`s society there is a different type of age children, teenager, adult and old age. For example if you are not 18 years old you cannot buy alcohol. If you are 16-24 years old have more chance to get education, course and job opportunity that who is adult.

For example two people apply for a job one the age of 45 and the other 24 they have equal qualification and the older one have more experience .But the company decide to take the younger one because the manager think he can work more and stay long time in the company.

Social class

Social class is the person`s income and what job they are doing and the way of living and the amount of money they have. A few people in the upper class have inherited wealth they are upper class even they are not working. Middle class is the majority of the population such as industrial, professional, businessmen and shop owner. The lower class are who is working in the factory, hotel and in agriculture.

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Diverse Society
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