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Free essays on Colon Cancer provide detailed information about this type of cancer, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. These essays aim to create awareness about the disease, highlighting the importance of early diagnosis and timely treatment. They are usually written by medical professionals, cancer survivors, or researchers who have extensive knowledge about the topic. The essays cover various aspects of colon cancer, including preventive measures, risk factors, and the latest advancements in medical technology. Readers can find valuable insights about the disease and learn how to take preventive measures to reduce their risk of developing colon cancer.
Advances in Surgical Devices
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Surgical remedies associated with colorectal cancer are generally determined by the tumor site and degree of tumor extension. Progressions in surgical devices and techniques have assisted surgeons in the anal preservation of many of their patients. Nonetheless, careful resection is still necessary for rectal cancers located in very close proximity near the anus regardless, to secure safer distal and radial margins in the anal canal. Thus, surgical treatment for lower rectal cancer must seek stability between durability and maintenance of…...
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Types of Chemotherapy and Nutrition Considerations
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Taxol is one chemotherapy agent that is derived from a plant, actually a tree. The bark of the Pacific Yew tree was discovered 40 years ago by a team of botanists led by Dr. Arthur Barclay of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1962. This was an effort by the Department of Agriculture to find plants that could cure cancer at the behest of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). At this time in American history people were opening their eyes and…...
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Theory That Helps to Increase Understanding of Readers
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Pages • 3
What, if any, was the theoretical framework that was used by article author(s)? The article utilized a theory that helped it to promote the understanding of the readers. The theory used Watson’s Theory of Caring in this specific article. The theory focuses on the value of a human being. Watson’s Theory of Caring emphasizes the need to focus on the whole well-being of the patient. According to the theory, a human being, at no point, cannot be treated as an…...
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Unique and Diverse Population And Cultures
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Franklin County, Ohio is in the central heart of Ohio with Columbus being the capital of the state that offers a unique and diverse population and culture. According to the 2010 Census, there is a total of “1,167,484 total people in Franklin County. Out of that 568,601 (48.7%) are males and 598,883 (51.3%) are females. The Total Race population breakdown according to race is as follows: Whites - 818,220 (70.08%), Blacks - 246,939 (21.15%), Asian - 46,047 (3.94%), Native American/Alaska…...
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Inducing Proliferation and Cell Survival of SW620 Colon Cancer Cells
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Pages • 11
Abstract Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has been used for treatments for all kinds of cancers because it is known to stop the proliferation of cancer cells. For this experiment, we tested SW620 colon cancer cells by treating the cells with 1.5 mM of Vitamin C. We then analyzed these colon cancer cells by Trypan Blue, Propidium Iodine through the flow cytometry and also the WST-1 assay analysis and Caspase 3/7 analysis. The results showed unusable data because…...
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