Theory That Helps to Increase Understanding of Readers

What, if any, was the theoretical framework that was used by article author(s)? The article utilized a theory that helped it to promote the understanding of the readers. The theory used Watson’s Theory of Caring in this specific article. The theory focuses on the value of a human being. Watson’s Theory of Caring emphasizes the need to focus on the whole well-being of the patient. According to the theory, a human being, at no point, cannot be treated as an object (Marsha Woodall & Mary DeLetter, 2018).

The theory emphasizes the preservation of dignity by healthcare practitioners. The delivery of quality care to improve the health of a patient is paramount. The theory motivates healthcare practitioners to care much about the well-being of their patients.

Describe the framework; was it from nursing or a borrowed theory? Watson’s Theory of Caring is embraced and practiced in the field of nursing. Therefore, it was not borrowed but rather picked from within.

Describe how the framework was used to inform the research study The study focused on colon cancer and the severity of the disease. A framework is used to inform a study in one way or another. In the case of the current study, the framework has been used to drive the point home. People who suffer from cancer go through tough times because of the impact of the illness. Considering that cancer is chronic, it stresses patients and the close members of the patient. The framework insisted that it is important to care for patients with all integrity and respect.

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On the other hand, the study focuses on the need to take care of patients who suffer from colon cancer.

It is therefore evident that the framework complements the study. The theory comes in place to help practitioners to know the best ways to improve the quality of care to cancer patients. How much did the researchers write about it in the journal article? The authors wrote the framework for its separate space. The authors did not only list the theory, but they also explained it and stated the connection or relationship that it had with the study. As a result, the understanding of the reader was improved.In your opinion, what other nursing theory might have worked with this research study? Why?

The interpersonal nursing theory would also be appropriate in this case. The theory emphasizes the need for the patient and nurse to have an evolving relationship. Relationships are essential especially in cases of people who are suffering from chronic illnesses (Marsha Woodall & Mary DeLetter, 2018). The reason behind it is that these are people who are likely to be in the same condition for a long time. When a person is suffering from a long-term illness, it means that he or she will be interacting with nurses on a regular basis.

The state of the relationship between a nurse and patient has an impact on the recovery process of the patient. When the relationship is positive, the patient is satisfied and that gives him or her piece of mind. The body of a human being recovers faster when a person is not under stress (Marsha Woodall & Mary DeLetter, 2018). People with colon cancer suffer like others suffering from cancer. Therefore, a good relationship between a patient and the nurse would be vital. It is for this reason why the interpersonal theory of nursing would be suitable for the study.

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