Crank: Inappropriate for Teen Readers

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Crank by Ellen Hopkins is extremely inappropriate for teens to be reading. In Crank the reader is introduced to situations involving sex, drugs, violence and teen pregnancy. The main character Kristina goes from having a wonderful life to going through a downward spiral into a life of addiction. Kristina takes a trip to see her father for the summer. While there, she meets a boy named Adam who introduces her to the “monster”. The drugs make her create an alter-ego named Bree.

When the summer is over Bree moves back home with her mother and finds herself addicted.She constantly needs the drugs and is willing to get it from anyone. One night she goes to a slightly run downside of town to get a hook up. The man selling her the drugs ends up raping her. Later, after slightly getting her life back together, she finds that she is pregnant with the rapist’s baby and decides to keep it.

Knowing she has a baby on the way Kristina decides to completely sober up and stops using drugs. Many other people believe that Crank is a good way for teen to figure out life and what comes with it. Some parents believe that it is the easy way out to not teach their children about sex and drugs.When a parent decides to go the easy way out of things they eventually find that their relationship with their children is not what they want it to be. They develop a distant relationship and the kids don’t feel comfortable with telling their parents about the hard things in life.

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Some people think crank is a good book because it could help people in the same situation as Kristina. Ellen Hopkins said in one of her interviews that most of the time at the end of her readings there would be a few strange looking people lurking around.She went on the say that the people eventually come up to her and thank her for helping them to get their lives back together through reading her book. That thought is ridiculous, the thought that a drug abuser would sit down for a day or two to read a book completely sober is hard to imagine. If the drug user were really in the place where they say they are, than they were most likely not reading this book. The amount of details provided in Crank are over explained with too much details.I understand that this is a true story and Ellen Hopkins’ daughter, but if the targeted age group is young teens than the details should be as minimal as to get the point across. However, after starting this paper, I was shocked by the fact that I somewhat also support this book. Now that I am older and can understand the situations better, the book does make the reader more mature in the long run. The targeted age group for Crank by Ellen Hopkins should have a targeted age group for high school aged children and not for young, confused teens.

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