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Is It worth knowing about uniqueness? What does Mike’s mother teach us about consequences? Is It worth knowing about consequences? Not blame at Mike ? Mike trusts, respects, loves her. (Good) What does the youth teach us about consequences? Is it worth knowing about consequences? It is quite clear that you will write about one of the three characters in each of your central paragraphs.

You need to think about what you will say before you write your contention.

Once you have some ideas about your answers to the questions above and a clear answer (your decision about whether you agree, agreed or partly agree with the statement) you are ready to write an introduction. In your introduction give the name of the story (Best Boots in the World), (underlined or quotation marks) the writers full name and some Idea of what the story Is about (background).

Come to the topic which Is consequences and then write your contention. (Answer – It must contain all the key words of the question – names of characters, worth knowing, consequences. About people Miming with their consequences us something worth knowing about consequences” Do you agree? Exorbitant settable shoes bring the trouble. A short story, “The Best Boots in the World” was written by Brian Caldwell shows us 14 years old boy who has the same name as his favorite basketball player.

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His mother, Alice and his father have broken up since he was 10 years old. He likes basketball and wants to buy Nikkei basketball shoes. The youth is a person who encourages his mad by insulting him. Mike, Alice and the youth teach us knowledge values from their consequences.

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Remember TELL – topic sentence, explanation, evidence, linking sentence Each of your central paragraphs would have a topic sentence which states what this paragraph will be about, some explanation of this Idea and evidence to support It and a final sentence that ties the idea back to your contention. 1st central paragraph – Key Tanat sometimes consequences can De very serious, so much so Tanat ten memory of them can last a lifetime – guilty memory. – Mike is showing. It does not manner but that what he think.

His boots Live like a scar He learns but consequence is bad because Mike learns something from making the choices which occur to bad consequences. The choices occur to bad consequences which give him experiences. Mike learns something from making the choices which occur to bad consequences. The experience – what happened – the choices- the consequences – the effects of the consequence. Final sentence to explain whether this is worth knowing. Stressful consequences are his guilty memory which stuck with him for life. Mike argues his mother about buying sport shoes because his mother does not want him to spend a lot of money for that.

He thinks that money he earns from his work is enough to buy the shoes. His mother gets mad on him therefore he says sorry to his mother. However he still pays lots of money for the shoes. After his bad situation with the youth, he thinks it is not necessary to buy because it does not make his skill better and it also brings bad situation to him. He decides to go home alone by the train without consideration first. This decision brings him to meet the youth. Mike chooses to keep the boots and fights with him instead of giving his boots and not pay attention to him because of extremely expensive cost of the shoes.

The consequence is the youth dead. He feels very bad and thinks that it is his responsibility. Mike does learn the consequences of making choices, even they are bad consequences. 2nd central paragraph – Mike’s mother – that the consequences can spread so that they affect others. – falling apart – effect to Mike badly (no father supports him, he is 14 but he kills someone) The experience – what happened – the choices – the consequences – the effects on her and others. She and her husband made If he is alive, he may have a chance Final sentence to explain whether this is worth knowing about consequences.

Consequences of Lice’s determinations affect other people who are close to her. Alice breaks up with her husband when Mike is 10 years old. This decision is upset Mike and herself but it might be only one decision she can make. She allows Mike to watch basketball match after midnight because she knows that his son likes Michael who is his favorite basketball player. Mike loves her and he is very happy to be her son even his mother sprits with his father. After her husband leaves, she works 2 Jobs to keep up with paying the bills. She has enough money to buy the goods and other stuffs for her and her son.

Lice’s consequences, mostly affect to her son and herself. 3rd central paragraph- The youth – that the consequences can be fatal so that there is no going back. – does not get a crack, chance but Just die. The experience – what happened – the choices – the consequences – the lesson for readers. His behavior belongs to his dead Play with violence Final sentence that explains whether this is worth knowing about consequences. The youth’s behavior belongs to his consequences which no chance resolves it. When he waits for the train, he smokes and stands like a bad person.

His gesture ekes toner people scared AT ml. He Is ten one won starts Insulting Mike tout Nils boots. He knows Mike is angry, but he still keeps saying because he also really wants Nikkei basketball shoes. This makes Mike cannot control his mad and fight with him. The youth is dead because he falls down from the train. Actually, he does not deserve to die. He probably can improve himself. His behavior tends to push off other people. A conclusion will be needed to sum up you answer to the question. Do not repeat anything in your introduction.

Each character has own consequences which vive us worth knowing. They learn which decisions occur to bad consequences and who is affected by them. They also teach us with their accidents. Therefore, we should not do the same things that they do. We might try to get rid of those situations. Assessment Criteria 5 4 3 2 Argument – relevance and strength (how strong are you argument) Structure – introduction, central paragraphs (topic sentence, development, final sentence), conclusion (do you understand the story) Knowledge of Text – support of opinion with text Writing – grammar, sentencing, spelling

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