Autonomous Vehicles: Are We Ready

Driving safe is giving all your attention behind the wheel despite the fact of the car having the ability to drive on its on, unattended. With our society the roads are only getting busier by the days that go by, many people take many risks and went ahead to texting or making phone calls while on the road each day knowing that it is against the law and very unsafe. Technology is debatably making the cars, people, and roads more dangerous.

People that are behind the wheel are not noticing the way they are as they are driving or even notice the ability they have when they try to drive. As car manufactures roll out different inventions like “stay-in-lane tech devices”, that gives the drivers a better and more luring way of being more distracted and unaware of their own surroundings, they think as if that this is where our society is leading to so it would be rude of them not to take advantage of it by going on the phones and text or make phone calls.

The drivers will think that they have permission to use their hands free time sending that last message. Because self driving cars are a sudden transition to a lazier way of transportation, they cause an increase of driving, passenger, and pedestrian danger.

The dangers of Autonomous vehicles are getting even worse, from the article “Chicago Tribune,” “The autonomous Uber SUV had struck and killed an Arizona pedestrian in March had spotted the pedestrian 6 second before hitting them.

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” (Cason, p.1).Princeton University says that the autonomous the finding of the safety of what could happen when one slight thing goes wrong it could be a danger to many people around it, so if the mechanics and creators know that there is a mistake or even an option to disable brakes on a vehicle that transports on its own, it should not be on the road because that is dangerous and could be the number one cause for accidents in the road for the future. Systems are supposed to evaluate the what is workable or malfunction when turned on and alerts the backseat driver when the option for self drive of the car is wanted to be used at the moment. This is a big effect on the company that have made the SUV to have a flaw that was easily changeable and never changed it, this can be a big effect on how many eyes will look forward into buying the vehicles in the future.

The Uber driver that was in the autonomous vehicle was having the SUV do the work of driving and when a civilian had went out onto the road, the vehicle did not stop. Volvo expressed that “the car system detected the Arizona pedestrian about six seconds before contact,” (Cason p.1) but also noted that the the emergency brake system was disabled to “reduce the potential erratic vehicle behavior”. What the creators could have done was to set an alert to the driver letting them know that there was a person ahead and that the person was about to make contact with the vehicle so they could manually operate the vehicle with the brakes. “If the braking system was in use, it was said that it would have activated 1.3 seconds before hitting the pedestrian which would have saved their lives,” according to the probe of the vehicle. The amount of trust being put into a type of technology that could and may have a flaw at any unexpected second is a disaster that is more than prepared to happen. Fox news had found another video that someone had put on the internet about a person in the driver seat sleeping while the autonomous vehicle is in motion on a highway in Las Vegas, The driver’s seat was all the way back and is unconsciously asleep as the other driver was honking to wake him up.

There was no telling how heavy the traffic was in the 18 second video but it shows a great explanation on how the future is going to be not very long from now, pretty soon (Too Soon). It is dangerous to everyone around the sleeping driver and to himself as well. “These sorts of reports have come up several times before. In December, a driver was cited for drunk driving after highway patrol officers spotted him passed out in the driver’s seat, followed his car for about seven miles and then pulled in front of it and slowed down,” (Benjamin, p 6) The police officer was trying to go in front of the car to slow it down and it came to a complete stop to avoid a collision at all cost, but the autopilot was not then disabled because the car resumed its pursuit it’s destined location. The Autonomous vehicles need more time to be sought through before giving it to the public, it is not suitable to be on the roads regardless of what it may do in danger because nothing can avoid danger perfectly. Society grows in technology every day so when the technology for self driving cars are is being improved while the vehicles are still not out to the world as yet, it will be safer because there will be more time and focus on the better side of having them on the road. This event of having the Autonomous vehicles being out sooner that needed will and is going to a danger to our society as seen in the examples; gradually moving forward into a science like this is better than a sudden transition.

Companies have seen the reviews and the causes of car accidents, persuasive to drop the numbers, foused not on the dangers it may cause to try to make something more improved to correct the average human’s mistakes while driving on the roads, but to have a computer drive for them, being “a permanent backseat driver.” (Adams, p. 3). BMW, one of the most known vehicle automations, is in the process of making different types of self driving automations and still is now working on it, they say that “the car will have more buttons than the usual car and that the car has 12 sensory but it will be impossible to find if people do not know the right place to look.” (Adams, p. 5). Every company shows to our society that autonomous routes are the easiest way and the best way to go because many other transportation corporations are following in that task, or because it will be more useful to work on that activity now than to not lose profit later on in the future. Also, future predictions are being made that in 2020, no one will be driving anymore, which means no accidents and everyone will be driving in the backseat instead. The Vehicle corporation BMW is leisurely taking their time in making a car better for the road, they will not have the need to show to the world until they know that the time everyone had preparing their self for is ready for use. “BMW has put a great deal of its designed effort into making hands-free feel like a natural driving experience, and will not jeopardize their work for any early access to others” (Adams, p. 7).

Self driving cars do have positive aspects despite the recent occurrences that have been happening throughout the last two years. They are high tech, does not lose focus as human drivers do very often, most do not use gasoline, and the electrical power that is held inside of them is needed for a self driving car’s computing system and it shows a great impact on the driving mileage. Self driving cars are said to eliminate human errors using the perfect computing devices, focused mostly on safety, but there is still a possibility that it will be more safe than humans on the road even when it is made to have a higher safety rate because a problem could happen at any time like a computer fail or even someone hacking the information for the car destination.

Self driving cars are a very good investment in the near future because insurance will be less from most of the vehicles not crashing, people will save a lot of money buying gas from cars idling, so there will be “more fuel for the money”, and they can make their own money by being a taxi when the owner is not using the autonomous. The price for any type of autonomous vehicle is very high because of the demand and everyone’s possibility of use in the future; as said, the price for a vehicle which is self driving would be over 100,000 dollar. From research, google had stated that “the sensors itself in the driverless cars are priced at $70,000” and it will be a few years to see those types of cars out and about. If the self driving cars’ sensors cost more than the car itself, it is not focused on safety for the passenger, a car that is said to be over 100,000 dollars and have the computing device being three fourths of the price will not be a good route for the passenger in the vehicle because there isn’t anything inside of the autonomous vehicle to help the passenger get out of immediate danger of injury. Self driving cars do have much more difficulties in the world than people think that is not resolved as yet like the snow, if the vehicle isn’t driven by humans, there will be many legal messes.

A survey was made of who wants to be the very first to ride in an autonomous vehicle on a highway where they will only be the viewer to spectate how the car does, not having an action to influence the way a car was driven. Everyone that was apart of that survey said no because they had doubts on what the car would do if it made a mistake on the road or if the car would get in an accident. People are terrified for their lives because they know there is a chance that their lives will be in the hands of a non living thing that has barely been tested for mistakes and hiccups on the way. So There needs to be time needed for people to get used to the new technology controlling what humans used to do almost their whole lives without the idea of someone doing it for them. “Self-driving cars won’t drink, won’t text while driving.

They won’t get tired, won’t get distracted,” said Ostrovsky. “Self-driving cars will eliminate all of those deaths and injuries.” People are making promises that can not be kept no matter what, no information was given about how the vehicles can stop deaths and injuries but we have take someone’s word for it because that is the closest we have to what we think might happen in the future, not a good way to go. The facts for the vehicles’ actions should prove that nothing will be perfect, trusting a machine to do the work that a human that has developed a muscle memory and a natural born fight or flight response in response to danger of any kind is not a very good idea for the world to adapt. There are many ways to go with society not moving forward into a place of autonomous vehicles as fast and it should take its time to focus of the way it should benefit people on the road no matter how little. “Once you make things easier to move around, you get a lot more of it moving than you had before,” reasoned Stojanovski. “So, we’re going to have a lot more people driven to a lot more places than they previously were,” very true on the way the vehicles are being used but if they are being used more often than any other vehicles, no one knows what the world will be transition to until the time comes, there will be a good and bad effect when it happens but it will be too late to change. Although the self driving cars are becoming very reliable and intelligent, there are still glitches found when dealing with natural causes like snow, storm or things that can cause the vehicle to malfunction or not be able to process what to do or where to go.

The jobs that consist of driving will be taken from people that needs it the most, so they will be out of a job when the autonomous vehicles come into motion for sure. The autonomous vehicles will make the trips shorter and create a better consequenceless of time for riders to get work done faster. The cars aren’t in the market at the moment but it is considered, because of the technology, considered very expensive. Most of the joy in driving could be gone, because something else will be taking over and will be be more of business than pleasure. The unemployment rate if trucks, buses, and cars had started driving themselves will sky rocket because people have based their jobs and hobbies around the fact of driving, they earn a living from driving the vehicles for a life’s work and a total of 1.7 million tractor drivers will be out of a job in the united states when it comes into effect, as well as taxi delivery drivers which leads to another quarter million jobs being gone, and over 650,000 Americans have jobs of bus driving. With all of this action that our society is moving towards, it leads to 2.6 million jobs being lost, the exact same number of jobs that were gone in the Great Recession 11 years in 2008.

The United States is moving faster than any other country or continent that they have to pay workers to steal information from different sources. Workers from every corporation that is working on the autonomous vehicles hand in hand is stealing information from them to sell them to others for profit. Prosecutors are being arrested for stealing the information and giving it to untrusted places to get paid the little they are getting. The vehicles were not only able to give the boost to other places but also set them back in the path they did not want to go in. Not learning how to do it themselves is consequential to their own society and will not be a good effect on the in the future. The facts should be shown to them as an example of what will happen if they proceed to be doing the same thing. If the country or continent receiving the information does the exact same thing with no motive of doing it themselves, then their society will be at a place of no recover to get back on their feet to grow. There have been history of different countries having issues with the self driving cars, they throw rocks at them and yelling that they are not wanted, thinking a little that the autonomous vehicles have feelings since they can drive on their own, they can think on their own to actually get off the roads and stay out of people’s ways.

The owners said they will not press charges because it shows the way the people live and how they deal with change, as if they were back in the old days as cavemen. (Waymo p. 5) that “people can see that they have way more to lose than to gain and they are blocking that out to get the feeling of feeling needed in a part of a society that doesn’t transition to thinkably unneeded jobs.”There are consequences with everything that anyone does and it is just a way of life, everyone does everything to get a result out of it no matter the kind of thing that the are doing, but time is a big effect on where to be when it happens. Autonomous vehicles are a safer way to get to places faster and safer but people have the thought that it is too near and the record of crashes since they have been out does not help their case because if there is something that most people are depending on for a specific reason and it does not do its job how it is made, it will have a big cause of social deficiency. The timing of the vehicles being in use is very soon and overwhelming to people that are old school and young adults who are more than happy to themselves from point A to point B; Yes, there are dangers that procced to follow underaged that have gottten their license and are ready to go into the world with the courage of driving themselves, but it gives them the thought of being independent, security in their lives, and something to take care of.

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