Get Your Business Ready for Thanksgiving with Proven Marketing Ideas 

The celebration of Thanksgiving in the U.S. falls on the 28th of November this year. Incidentally, it is also a gateway to the Holidays, a very important season for people living in and out of the U.S. For people, it’s a season of giving but for marketers and retailers, it’s a season to get busy connecting to and engaging with a market which everyone wants to get a huge piece of. Since every retailer is trying to implement its own Thanksgiving marketing strategy, you have to devise your own strategy to deal with stiff competition.

One way to do it is to identify proven marketing ideas, and implement them in your game in order to get good returns. Of course you can do it better with expert assistance from a reliable digital marketing agency. Here’s a number of proven digital marketing ideas that can help to get your business ready for the 2019 Thanksgiving celebration: 

  1. Send personalized “Thank You” emails to each of your followers It’s thanksgiving day, time to express gratitude to people and other entities who believe in your product or service.

    Wish them Happy Thanksgiving and let them know that you are thankful for their patronage, loyalty and participation on your social media and other affairs throughout the year. 

  2. Distribute free calendars to current customers. Thanksgiving happens to be at the last few days of the year. Many people want to own a calendar before the year ends. It would be a good idea if you can have them printed earlier and distributed to customers during Thanksgiving.

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    Calendars are displayed for the entire year and many people get to see them every day. Make it work for you by making a calendar design that captures the interest of your target market. 

  3. Market early. Starting a marketing campaign ahead of everyone else can do good to your business. With some help from a capable digital marketing company, you should be able to identify and define your goals and devise a marketing plan a few weeks before Thanksgiving. This will enable you to implement them ahead of competition. 
  4. Give your followers a sense of anticipation by letting them know that you are preparing something for them this season. As you can see, branding becomes stronger with repetition. The more you remind your followers of that something come Thanksgiving, the greater their anticipation will be. This creates a momentum that could last beyond Thanksgiving day. 
  5. Don’t cut back on your marketing budget. When you devise your marketing plan, you should seriously consider the fact that your existing and target customers are not objects but thinking beings. They can compare the quality of your products to the quality of marketing materials you use. If you distribute cheap postcards or low-quality paper, your products or service will also look cheap to them. However, if you use quality ink and paper on your marketing campaign, the market will develop that notion of quality in your products which has a possibility to translate into higher returns. 
  6. Offer flash sales. The Thanksgiving celebration can go down to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s actually a series of festivities that motivates people to go out and spend money on shopping. Catch the interest of potential customers by creating a seasonal hype by way of a sales offer that lasts for just a few hours. You can keep it going for two to three days though if you have sufficient stock to answer the possible demand. 
  7. Create a sense of urgency. Some customers can be indecisive about buying. Use this to your advantage by letting them know that your stock or sale offer for certain items is limited. This will encourage some potential customers to hit the buy button earlier. Just make sure to keep your timer easy for people to see. 
  8. Offer free shipping. Free shipping is the primary reason 90% of shoppers choose to shop online. Whatever your product may be, it’s always good to offer free shipping because it will surely ring a bell not only in the customers’ ears but in their pockets as well. If you make a slight adjustment on your pricing to accommodate free shipping, you sales will certainly improve. 
  9. Give back. Once the Holiday smoke has cleared and you realized that your efforts have paid off, it’s time to show that your company is grateful to the market it serves. Give back to the less fortunate a part of what your customers have given you. Your act of charity will certainly make a good name for your business especially if you keep doing it over the years. 

Holiday marketing strategies are not a one-size-fits-all technique for sellers and marketers. As an owner or manager of a business, you need to determine a strategy that is suited to the type of products and services you are promoting. There is however one thing you can do to succeed in your Holiday marketing efforts: Start early. With the help of a competent digital marketing agency, identify the right strategy. Stay focused and evaluate results. This should keep you in the right track and enable you to achieve your marketing goals. Contact us at (303) 466-3055. We can help you create effective Holiday marketing campaigns for your company.  

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