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Ready For The Real World Paper

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In the same context of our society today, undergraduate are educated to believe that if they do well in their education now, thefts make it through life finely. On the contrary, the misunderstanding Of this concept can lead to the opposite, to hit rock bottom when they meet the ‘real’ world. Since we were in pre-school until university, we were to understand that education is most important to achieve success which is a true statement. However, to rely on the education system too much is an unbalanced way of doing things.

Essay Example on Ready For The Real World

Instead, students should be more exposed to handling realistic situation such as problem solving skills. Their jack of experiences and humidity may become troublesome when they are trying to get a job in the future. Also, a portion of undergraduates thinks that success is measured by their grades because of the exam-oriented education. They are too focused on studying and memorizing word by word from the text book to stop and think outside the box. This might get you good grades but it does not prepare you for the ‘real’ world.

How are undergraduates going to achieve success and be a leader to the country in the future if they jack the ability to think on their own two feet? Moreover, most undergraduates have ignored outside interaction and does not even bother to get out of their comfort zone. Their communication skills is important for them to ace that interview for a job thieve always wanted. They need to gain confidence and speak up their voices because confident is one of the things people look at for employment. On that note, students need to keep in mind that staying inside their bubble will do no help for them in future.

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In fact, it may lead to culture shock or inability to find bigger opportunity. As a conclusion, it is up to the undergraduates themselves to be ready for the real world or not. If they decide to keep themselves safe inside the box, they won’t go as far as those who decides to step out of the box and explore for bigger and better adventures. What is life without a little risk? Undergraduates should be more independent and think further in the future, the real world, instead of depending on the presence.

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