Better Be Ready Bout Half Past Eight

Some people go through life contemplating on if they really know their true sexuality. Many people know right off the bat they are heterosexual. Other people have questions about whether they Like one sex or the other. In the story, “Better Be Ready ‘Bout Half Past Eight,” written by Alison Baker, Each had spent a lot of years knowing that he wanted to be a woman. Byron, a friend from work, was not ready to see his friend have a sex change or accept that he was a homosexual.

Through the story, Byron goes through different emotions and even goes as far as trying to be a little more metro sexual himself.

He finds that even though having a sex change is not for him, that It could possibly be the right thing for Jack to do. People go their entire life trying to figure what life Is all about, sometimes It takes a sex change to help with this process.

Each was afraid of telling his long time friend and co-workers that he was going to become a woman. With as much television people watch, and the freedom television has to show pretty much whatever they want, people are desensitizing from people having sex changes. Although, when Chastity Bono had her sex change, the media blew It up.

It Is Half Past Eight

Having a daughter from the famous couple, Sonny and Cheer, have a rearranged change was unreal to the world. Chastity, now known as Chase, had the same thoughts and feelings as Jack They both knew they were different from when they were kids.

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Dealing with this big of a situation, as a young person, is mind boggling. Having the stress of what should be for an adult could really make a person mature a lot faster. Every person goes through it, but a lot of people don’t go through the life changing decision Each has.

As Byron tries to comprehend what Each has told him, he In turns goes through a bunch of life questions. Being an adult and having a friend of 38 years all of a Eden decided he wants to become a woman is hard to deal with. People become comfortable with the way everything is in their life. When people decide to change their sex it’s an uncommon situation. It makes people step back, and take another look at the world to see what else is different or changing. Byron is confused with Coach’s decision as well.

Byron doesn’t understand how you can g your whole life as a man and then all of a sudden change what you are. The world Is a different place then it was 20 years ago. People are more open to change, yet some people can’t understand why things need to change. While Byron tries to cope with this change in his friend, he as well tries to do some changing. While at a store Byron sits at a makeup counter to have some applied to his face. He notices that people look at him as an outcast or different. As he went back to work. He finally was seen by Jack, now known as Zoe, and noticed Byron with the makeup.

Zoe then said, “the makeup… You’re trying to be something you’re not” (1243). Byron Is not the type to wear makeup, but when people try to figure life out, they tend to try the extreme to see if it helps on understanding. Byron finds out that it does help to understand. Zoo’s life altering surgery is something that she has wanted for a while. While it could possibly change his career status, he still is ready to take on all challenges. When people look at a person who has had a sex change, majority of them don’t see a “normal” person, teen see a “Treat I . As enrolled Ana Lusting mina set, out teen customs and courtesies that were instilled into the youth show this change as not appropriate. Society doesn’t see this as something that could possibly benefit this person and the world. Megan Wallet is a perfect example of a person who has had a sex change, and is benefiting our society. She once was known as Michael Wallet, and had the same thoughts and feeling as Zoe. He knew that he was a woman who was trapped in a male’s body. Megan was an up and coming manager at Microsoft.

He knew that by having this sex change, it could affect his position and promoting at the business. After everything was said and done Megan is now one position with being the vice president of Microsoft. Although Zoe does not want to continue her career at the lab, she does believe that this sex change gives her a second chance to try something new. Having a second chance in life, is something that everyone could consider having. Just some people don’t want to go to the extent of having a sex change to get it.

Megan is a true life example that choices that they take to have a sex change could benefit themselves. People think they have life all figured out, even kids think they have life figured out. Lots of people still in their lifetime will not have figured life out. With the process of sex change, Zoe believes it will help her to get on the right track to getting closer to this question. The change Just has to be accepted by her peers and by her best friend. Once they know why she’s doing it, and how it will help her in life, then will hey know why and how it’s a good thing.

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