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Lung Cancer Is Still One Of The Leading Causes Of Cancer-related Deaths
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The number of lung cancer-related deaths has been drastically lowered over the past ten years mainly due to the decline in number of smokers, advances in early detection, and improved treatment options; however, lung cancer is still one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths among both men and women (Siegel, Miller, & Jemal, 2019). It has been reported that in 2017 more people had died from this disease alone than from breast, prostate, colorectal, and brain cancers together (Siegel,…...
CancerLung Cancer
Investigation Related To Lung Cancer: One Of The Most Common Causes Of The Malignancy Related Death Worldwide
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Carcinoma of the lungs is one of the common causes of death among adult males and females. There is a great variety of causes involved in the pathogenesis of the disease and among the most frequent ones, is smoking, exposure to pollutants, asbestos and changes in the genome. Furthermore, viral infection and more specifically infection by Human Papilloma Virus, which is one of the main risk factor of the majority of cervical and oropharyngeal cancers, is also considered one of…...
CancerLung Cancer
Research Related To Early Cancer Detection And Accurate Cancer Type And Subtype Identification
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Early cancer detection and accurate cancer type and subtype identification are imperative for better patient outcomes and should increase the life span and improve the quality of life for some of these affected patients. In order to detect lung cancer, standard procedures such as microscopic examination of tissue slides and pathology image analysis have been in practice for years. However, these methods are not only time-consuming but also provide a lot of variabilities in result interpretation (Wang et al., 2019).…...
CancerLung Cancer
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Tanning Bed: Adverse Effects Of Tanning Heads And Prevention Melanoma Skin Cancer
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Indoor tanning is becoming ever more popular in the last years, in spite of proof of an elevated threat of most cancers as well as, probably, non melanoma skin cancers. Tanning bed supporters mention the health advantages of vitamin D to aid indoor tanning, which includes worries that decreased vitamin D amounts or even particular Vitamin D receptor polymorphisms might be related to the higher occurrence of numerous cancers, such as cutaneous cancers. Nonetheless, many tanning equipment mainly gives off…...
CancerMelanoma Skin Cancer
What Are Your Risk Factors For Developing Skin Cancer? A Meta-Analysis Of Advanced Melanoma
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Skin Cancer has substantially risen amongst the young adult population in the last decade (2009-2019.) Suggested findings state that the prevalence rate is seemingly higher in white women ranging between the ages of 25-30 making them most susceptible to abnormal cell proliferation in comparison to men. (American Cancer Society [ACS], 2019) Recent studies of newly reported patients have no preexisting health conditions and or prior family history of invasive cancer(s) specifically those found in Melanoma patients. Melanoma is responsible for…...
CancerMelanoma Skin Cancer
Saffron: The Ultimate Health Guide 
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Pages • 4
Curious about the health benefits of saffron? We’ve got it all covered! Find out how saffron can help fight cancer, enhance eyesight, and cure insomnia in this ultimate health guide. Wondering how saffron can benefit your overall health? Well, this article is for you! Apparently, saffron is chock full of unique compounds that offer wonderful health perks. From improving digestion to healing wounds to fighting cancer growth, saffron proves to be a worthy kitchen investment. Find out everything nice about…...
Contrast CT versus PET/CT in Assessment of Bronchogenic Carcinoma 
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In the past decades, diagnostic imaging modalities of bronchogenic carcinoma were; chest X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) to determine tumor size and mediastinal lymph nodes involved, as well as liver and adrenal metastases. Now positron emission tomography (PET/CT) has been become a routine procedure for the primary assessment (Initial staging) for detection functional tumor activity (viable cells). Objectives: Comparison between contrast CT and PET/CT in the assessment of bronchogenic carcinoma (initial staging) and impact of weight and BMI on it.…...
CancerHealthLung Cancer
Artificial Intelligence Comes to Replace Standard Methods
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In recent years, AI has gained popularity in healthcare and in particular in the oncology field. Early cancer detection and accurate type identification are imperative for better patient outcomes and should increase the life span and improve the quality of life for some of the affected patients. To detect lung cancer, standard procedures such as the microscopic examination of tissue slides and pathology image analysis have been in practice for years. However, these methods are not only time-consuming but also…...
CancerLung CancerMedicine
Literature Review on Lung Cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Pages • 9
S.No Authors name Paper title Journal name Year of publication Key finding/Remarks Alan J Silman and Jacqueline E Pearson Epidemiology and genetics of rheumatoid arthritis Arthritis research and therapy 9 May 2002 This article consider and purposes the direct and indirect evidence to the contribution of various risk factor for disease sucessibility.we conclude that genetic risk factor for RA is the HLA DRB1 alleles, and tumour necrosis, non MHC genes, environmental factors, parvovirus and mycoplasma. Fredrick Wolf, Donald M. Mitchell,…...
CancerHealthLung Cancer
Tobacco Consumption in the Us and Its Current Problem
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Introduction Tobacco was first discovered by the native people of South America. After being introduced to Europe and America, it soon became really popular. For example, North Eastern American tribes carried tobacco in pouches as a readily accepted trade item as well as for sacred ceremonies. (Heckewelder, 149) Moreover, tobacco is used as a pain killer for medical treatment of physical conditions without knowing health risks of using it. Shockingly, tobacco was also used as a form of currency between…...
CancerLung CancerSmoking
Overview of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy in Medical 
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Pages • 11
Cancer is an abnormal growth of cell due to loosing ability to control and maintain its proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis cycle. There are several method to treat cancer, one of them is boron neuron capture therapy. Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) is radiation modality by deliver high radiation dose to tumor cell with lower damage to surrounding normal tissue. This modality has been used widely as treatment to several cancer cases e.g Head and neck cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer,…...
CancerLung CancerMedicine
The Most Common Type of Cancer in the Us Is Skin Cancer
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Skin cancer, the growth of abnormal skin cells, is the most common type of cancer in the U.S., with Americans having a one-in-five chance of developing it over the course of their lifetime (Larson, Wells, Oberleitner, & Frey, 2015). The skin is the body’s largest organ, making up roughly 16% of a human’s mass (D'Orazio, Jarrett, Amaro-Ortiz, & Scott, 2013). It is separated into two layers, the epidermis - the outer layer that interacts with the environment - and the…...
MelanomaMelanoma Skin CancerSkin Cancer
Melanoma Skin Disease
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Description – introduce the disease / disorder you chose. Briefly give an overview of the disorder, how prevalent it is, how it impacts patients or society (is it a leading cause of death, or sterility, or cancer?) Melanoma is a type of skin cancer in the cells that produce melanin and is the most dangerous. As stated by Skin Cancer Foundation one person dies of melanoma every hour. Melanoma cases have increased 53% in the last 10 years. If you…...
CancerMelanomaMelanoma Skin Cancer
Melanoma Skin Cancer
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Introduction  Melanoma Skin Cancer In the last 50 years the global incidence rate of melanoma increased more promptly than other cancer types. The estimated diagnosed cases of melanoma in 2018 was circa 90.000 for the United states alone, and the predicted deaths are around the number 9300. Melanoma is more often reported in Caucasian populations due to lower levels of melanin which is an internal photo-protector of the skin. Development of melanoma is associated with the exposure to ultraviolet rays,…...
BiologyMelanomaMelanoma Skin Cancer
Skin Disease Diagonis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
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Pages • 8
Skin diseases are most common in day to day life of people. Millions of people in the world are suffering from different skin disorders. High-level of expertise needed to diagnose skin diseases because of their visual aspects in variety. To achieve a more reliable and objective diagnosis, a computer aided diagnostic system is considered as the human judgment is subjective and not easily reproducible. In the proposed system, the feasibility of constructing a universal skin disease diagnosis system using deep…...
MelanomaMelanoma Skin CancerSkin Cancer
The Association Between Breast Cancer and Some Lifestyle Factors Among Women  
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Pages • 3
Background &Objectives: Healthy lifestyle may reduce breast cancer in women at high risk. The aim this study to find out the Association of some lifestyle factors, with breast cancer among women in Sulaimani City, Method: A Retrospective case-control study was carried out, from July 2019 to October 2019. Purposive 200 breast cancer cases were compared to 200 women with ages, no family history of breast cancer and marital status, matched hospital-based controls from 20 to 60 years of age married…...
Breast CancerCancerMelanoma Skin Cancer
Type of Cancer Treatment “Radiation Therapy”
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A radiation therapist is one of many jobs that fall under the major of radiology. A Radiation therapists is a professional that work with CAT scans, X-rays and Cone beam computed tomography before the process of radiation occurs. These specialists carry out treatments created by radiation oncologists and dosimetrists. Radiation therapy is a very hands on and personal occupation. The doctors will get the same patients week after week, month after month. Doctors become close with their patients and it…...
Cancer and Food Research
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Cancer and Food Research To fulfill my goals for a successful career and to continue my education, I have determined that I must dust off some of my old tools and put them to use. I had forgotten three of the most important learning tools that I possess: the act of critical thinking, the ability to use active reading and the art of effective writing. It is important that I use them often and in all aspects of my life.…...
Life With Cancer
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Human behavior once diagnosed with cancer This project is about the effects on your behavior once diagnosed with cancer and how you are affected by your environment once you have cancer. The project will describe the different locations of different cancer patients. The project will show your behavior with cancer. Further, the project will show the history of cancer. Information for this project was secured from various sources, including different websites, which mostly consist of government funding websites. Also included with the project will…...
Furthering the Knowledge of HPV Linked Oral Cancer
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Pages • 11
Abstract Among the familiar risk factors influencing the development of oropharyngeal cancer, like the use of tobacco or excessive consumption of alcohol, human papillomavirus has also been identified as a leading causal agent. A lack of education is present in terms of the link between these two phenomena, HPV and oropharyngeal cancer. A review of the literature was completed to assess the caliber of knowledge surrounding the correlation between human papillomavirus and oropharyngeal cancer, in reference to those diagnosed and…...
CancerDental HygienistMedicine
Advances in Surgical Devices
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Surgical remedies associated with colorectal cancer are generally determined by the tumor site and degree of tumor extension. Progressions in surgical devices and techniques have assisted surgeons in the anal preservation of many of their patients. Nonetheless, careful resection is still necessary for rectal cancers located in very close proximity near the anus regardless, to secure safer distal and radial margins in the anal canal. Thus, surgical treatment for lower rectal cancer must seek stability between durability and maintenance of…...
CancerColon Cancer
Types of Chemotherapy and Nutrition Considerations
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Taxol is one chemotherapy agent that is derived from a plant, actually a tree. The bark of the Pacific Yew tree was discovered 40 years ago by a team of botanists led by Dr. Arthur Barclay of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1962. This was an effort by the Department of Agriculture to find plants that could cure cancer at the behest of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). At this time in American history people were opening their eyes and…...
Colon CancerNutrition
Theory That Helps to Increase Understanding of Readers
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Pages • 3
What, if any, was the theoretical framework that was used by article author(s)? The article utilized a theory that helped it to promote the understanding of the readers. The theory used Watson’s Theory of Caring in this specific article. The theory focuses on the value of a human being. Watson’s Theory of Caring emphasizes the need to focus on the whole well-being of the patient. According to the theory, a human being, at no point, cannot be treated as an…...
Colon CancerNursingPatient
Unique and Diverse Population And Cultures
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Pages • 5
Franklin County, Ohio is in the central heart of Ohio with Columbus being the capital of the state that offers a unique and diverse population and culture. According to the 2010 Census, there is a total of “1,167,484 total people in Franklin County. Out of that 568,601 (48.7%) are males and 598,883 (51.3%) are females. The Total Race population breakdown according to race is as follows: Whites - 818,220 (70.08%), Blacks - 246,939 (21.15%), Asian - 46,047 (3.94%), Native American/Alaska…...
CancerColon CancerCulturePopulation
The Effect of Proliferation and Cell Survival of SW620 Colon Cancer Cells by Inducing
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Pages • 11
Abstract Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has been used for treatments for all kinds of cancers because it is known to stop the proliferation of cancer cells. For this experiment, we tested SW620 colon cancer cells by treating the cells with 1.5 mM of Vitamin C. We then analyzed these colon cancer cells by Trypan Blue, Propidium Iodine through the flow cytometry and also the WST-1 assay analysis and Caspase 3/7 analysis. The results showed unusable data because…...
CancerColon CancerVitamin C
The Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
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Ovarian Cancer Ovarian cancer is a cancer which forms in the ovaries of a female reproductive organs. Most times it is undetected until small tumors line the abdominal cavity and the cancer cells invade vital organs. This cancer, which is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among American women, has recently shown signs that it may have more success with new treatments for all stages of the disease. Symptoms Ovarian cancer has often times been known as the Isilent…...
Ovarian Cancer
The Role of Cyclin E. in Ovarian Cancer
Words • 319
Pages • 2
Role of Cyclin E in Ovarian Cancer Cell cycle control involves a range of proteins. Defects in these proteins can result in cell malignancies. Overexpression of Cyclin E characterizes a subset of epithelia ovarian tumors, which are a major cause of death among women. Studies have indicated that deregulation of the levels of Cyclin E results in chromosomal instability, which a critical characteristic of epithelial ovarian malignancies (Vaughan et al., 2011). This indicates that deregulation of Cyclin E is a…...
Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer Types, Treatment and Side Effects
Words • 529
Pages • 3
Ovarian cancer is a disease that develops in a woman's ovary. The cancer can either begin in the ovary or cancerous cells can be spread from other parts of the body. Ovaries are inside the woman's pelvic area. From the beginning of puberty all the way until menopause, the ovaries produce female hormones. The job of these hormones is to regulate the menstrual cycle/menstruation. Ovaries also include eggs which are regulated by the hormones during the cycle. Once an ovarian…...
Ovarian Cancer
A Story of Ovarian Cancer and a Potential Cure in the Essay Is a Tree Worth a Life by Sally Thane Christensen
Words • 571
Pages • 3
In the essay Is a Tree Worth a Life? by Sally Thane Christensen, the author tells her story of ovarian cancer and a new drug that can potentially save her life. She uses very strong language to try and make the reader side with her. Christensens use of this is very effective because she really makes the audience feel her pain and sympathize with her. The author starts out by explaining the Pacific yew tree. It is a conifer found…...
Ovarian Cancer
A Cure For Disease And Even Cancer
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Pages • 3
There are many different ways that Henrietta’s case should have been handled and not telling her was one. Even though it turned out to be a great thing and being able to find cures for certain diseases or even cancer it’s wrong not telling anyone that they are using something in their body to test. Keeping things from someone and not getting their consent is not a good way to build up someone’s reputation or even the hospitals reputation. Henrietta’s…...
CancerDiseaseHenrietta Lacks
Medical Consent & Ethics
Words • 1261
Pages • 6
This paper will explain how consent and ethics is crucial and how it has impacted many African American people today. We have seen that medical consent has a dark history that has affected this country for a long time. As far back as the period of slavery, African American people have been discriminated against and have been used for studies with uninformed consent. In the 1940’s, Henrietta Lacks, an African American woman, was treated for her cervical cancer. Doctors at…...
CancerCervical CancerEthicsHenrietta Lacks
Diagnosis Of Cervical Cancer
Words • 716
Pages • 3
The HeLa cell line was formed from Henrietta Lacks, a thirty-one-year-old African American who was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Howard Jones, a gynecologist, informed Henrietta that her biopsy came back positive for cervical cancer. When Henrietta went for her first treatment, Dr.Wharton Jr scraped two pieces of tissues from Henrietta’s cervix, without informed consent from her. He passed the tissue to Dr. George Gey, a researcher at John Hopkins hospital. Henrietta’s cells weren’t like the other patients who cells just…...
CancerCervical CancerHenrietta Lacks
What is Amazoncom?
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What is can be known as multinational technology company that offers services of both electronic commerce as well as an online retailer that offers customers the ability to make purchases via Internet. name was derived from the Amazon River. Jeff Bezos, who was the creator and CEO, saw the potential of the Internet and online shopping. He decided to pursue his vision to “strive to be Earth’s most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually…...
1 introductionDid you know The average Australian intake of sugar
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Pages • 4
1. introductionDid you know The average Australian intake of sugar 60 grams which is equivalent to 14 teaspoons of sugar per day? WOW that’s shocking.That Sugar Film is an Australian documentary starring and directed by Damon Gameau. The film looks at hidden sugar in foods and the effect it can have on the human body, to show his personal journey to discover the truth about sugar. it presents the viewpoint that sugar is an addictive substance for many. It presents…...
Genetic factor and inherited genes
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Genetic factor refers to the genes that we inherit. It can be due to the presence, absence, or combination of genes. I chose cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disorder in which sticky mucus builds up in the lungs and digestive system. They cause infection and digestion problems. This is a genetic disease. It affects 75,000 people in the UK. It can affect your liver, lungs, or pancreas. The life expectancy of people living with cystic fibrosis is 31…...
CancerDietingDiseaseMedicineObesityWeight Loss
The Power of Joining the Team
Words • 1600
Pages • 7
The following example essay on "The Power of Joining the Team" talks about the group presentation, answering the question what have you learned from this experience, both in terms of presenting and in terms of working in a group? There are only three people in our group, so it is relatively easier for us to divide our workload. Our tutor, Mr Paul Smith, taught us several presentation skills during our seminar session. From this presentation, I learned that being confident…...
CancerCritical ThinkingDiseaseHealthHuman NatureThought
Words • 990
Pages • 4
Esther OkoroProfessor Lanette JulianNURS 2242 (OSCRI Paper)8 March 2019My clinical experience at the Oklahoma Specialist and Research InstituteI had the opportunity to meet and observe patients who were all presently trying to fight a different type of cancer. During the period I was there, I got to follow a nurse who truly cared about her patient even though it was a busy day. I had the pleasure to meet a patient who has been battling Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. The type…...
CancerEpidemiologyHealth CareMedicineNursing
Artificial intelligence for long-term respiratory disease management
Words • 1945
Pages • 8
The following sample essay on "Artificial intelligence for long-term respiratory disease management": presents the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for Artificial Intelligence (AI) as applied to long-term respiratory disease management. This analysis will help to identify, understand, and evaluate key aspects of the technology as well as the various internal external forces which influence its success in this application space. Such understanding is instrumental to ensure judicial planning and implementation with suitable safeguards being considered. AI has the potential to…...
Digestion has become a problem for most people Having
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Digestion has become a problem for most people. Having a gastrointestinal problem is common, even though most people don't prefer to address it. Numerous conditions can lead to difficulties during digestion. Persistent discomfort in the abdomen is a flag that something is wrong. Other nagging signs are gas, blood in stools, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, prolonged inflammation in the digestive tract, etc. These are the reasons to go consult a gastroenterologist. Gastroenterology deals with the digestive system and its dysfunctions. The…...
CancerDigestive SystemEpidemiologyGmoHuman Digestive SystemMedicine
Abstract Forensic science is the application of scientific
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AbstractForensic science is the application of scientific techniques and theories to solve crimes. Forensic science consists of many different disciplines e.g Forensic Pathology, Forensic Odontology, Forensic DNA Analysis, Forensic Anthropology, Digital Forensics and many more other disciplines. [19]Advances in DNA analysis and replication and the implementation of the CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) allows DNA evidence to be more effective in solving current and cold cases as well as tying perpetrators to multiple cases. [5]GlossaryDNA: DNA is a biological signature…...
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What Are Your Risk Factors For Developing Skin Cancer? A Meta-Analysis Of Advanced Melanoma
...Skin Cancer has substantially risen amongst the young adult population in the last decade (2009-2019.) Suggested findings state that the prevalence rate is seemingly higher in white women ranging between the ages of 25-30 making them most susceptible...
What is Amazoncom?
...Although Amazon is a great place to work and known to be one of the greatest and prosperous success stories in business history; there are still improvement that must be made regarding the mistreatment of their employees. If Amazon could come up with...
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