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The Causes of Color Blindness
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At the very back of your eye is the retina. It's about the size of a postage stamp, and it contains millions of cells that are sensitive to light. Some of these cells are called cones. Cones let you see color by combining the three main colors (red, blue, and green) to make thousands of colors, from the orange of your macaroni and cheese to the turquoise of a tropical fish.Even though many people think that being color-blind means a…...
Color Blindness
Color-Blindness: A Battle Against Racism
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The first step in solving a problem is admitting that there is one. Ignoring a problem or pretending it does not exist does not make it go away; as a matter of fact, it only makes it worse. This is true in both everyday matters and in matters of racism. Color-blindness is the enemy of defeating racism. Color-blindness is the belief that, if one single group is not favored over another, that things will eventually work themselves out. The problem…...
Color Blindness
An Analysis of the Things in a Whole New Way Curing Colorblindness
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An estimated 32 million Americans suffer from colorblindness, a single-gene disorder involving the cones of the eyes. Commonly confused with monochromasy, the inability to see any color, colorblindness is actually the incapability of telling apart certain colors. There are five types of colorblindness that vary in severity and in what colors cannot be seen. People that suffer from colorblindness face everyday disadvantages such as: not knowing whether meat is cooked, reading stoplights, and picking out matching clothes for the day.…...
Color Blindness
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A Review of Rods and Cones of the Eye in Relation to Color Blindness
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Rods and cones are two different types of photoreceptors and photoreceptors are cells that absorb light and color and send those signals to the retina which in turn send them to the brain which allows us to see colors. Rods work at low light levels which allows us to see low levels of light in situations where it Is dark. Rods also do not allow us to see color which explains the reason behind humans not being able to see…...
Color Blindness
Color Blindness
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Waking up everyday to see the same old colors. Trying to pick out an outfit for the day and walk outside with people staring at you. They looked puzzled because you are wearing the most unusual clothes that make you look like a clown. When you go shopping and pick either moldy fruits or fruits that are not even ripe yet. Take a bite of the fruit and realize you made a mistake. After that you decide to go on…...
ColorColor Blindness
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