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COMBINATION ANTIMICROBIAL THERAPYAlthough international guidelines [131,132] suggest combination empirical therapy in the management of HA-MEN, there is no controlled clinical trial that proves the efficacy of the combination therapy over monotherapy. Another unknown issue is the cutoff for methicillin-resistant rate in which empirical vancomycin should be added.Moreover, while vancomycin is the primarily recommended option in MRSA meningitis under IDSA guidelines [133,134] and adding rifampin is considered as an alternative, there are no controlled data regarding this issue except one animal…...
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Objective The purpose of this experimental work was to formulate
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Objective: The purpose of this experimental work was to formulate and optimize nanostructured lipid carriers(NLCs) for hydrophilic drug ceftriaxone sodium, anti meningitis drug, to increase its permeability across the CNS barrier after parental administration.Methods: Box-Behnken design was used to optimise the formulation by considering the three factors at three different levels. The effects of individual variables and interaction of different variables on particle size, entrapment efficiency and zeta potential were studied. The optimized preparation was freeze dried and evaluated.Results :…...
Clinical Case Studies For Nursing Students
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Imagine you are following the doctor as part of your nursing training. Before you enter the examining room the physician pulls the chart off the door and hands it to you. You enter the room and greet the patient.  What is your tentative diagnosis? Each question is worth 3pts. Clinical Case 1 The throat is red, raw, and has a “beefy” look; lymph nodes are swollen, patient is feverish and fever is high: blood samples reveal bacteria in a chain.…...
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Infectious Disease Prevention and Contr
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Required Preparation: Read the textbook; review the power points before class. Read the assigned article, and be ready to discuss it in a group. Learning Objectives: 1. Review principles related to the occurrence and transmission of infection and infectious diseases. 2. Describe the chain of transmission of infectious diseases. 3. Apply the chain of transmission to describing approaches to controlling infectious disease. 4. Review types of immunity, including herd immunity. 5. Review principles of immunization and specify the immunization recommended…...
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