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Advantages of the Technological Field of Medicine
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Apolipoprotein E is a class of proteins that play a major role in the metabolism of dietary fat. This protein is considered to be linked to Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease. It is an important regulator of blood levels of both cholesterol and triglycerides. It plays an integral part in the transport of these fats in the body (Sigurdsson, 2016). Apolipoprotein is polymorphic with three major alleles E2, E3, and E4; and five hypothetical ones. These alleles can differ by…...
Advantages Of TechnologyAlzheimer'S Disease
The Positive Impact of Exercise in Protecting the Brain from Alzheimers Disease
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Psych in the news: Exercise and Alzheimer's In the article published by Time magazine, it was described how exercise may protect the brain from Alzheimer's disease. Although the article does not state a specific research question, a reader may assume that they'd be questioning if regular exercise may offer some protection against Alzheimer's disease. The study involved 93 high risk adults with an average age of 64, all of whom had at least one parent with Alzheimer's disease, at least…...
Alzheimer'S Disease
The Early Manifestations of Alzheimers Disease
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Alzheimer is a serious health condition, which is common in old age. The influence of the disease varies from one individual to another in creating a greater focus on the existing issues within healthcare. The elderly need to be effectively engaged in order to keep the effects of Alzheimer disease at bay. The article provides clear understanding on some of cases in which individuals who have had Alzheimer experiences. The manifestation of the this condition is gradual and it may…...
Alzheimer'S Disease
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An Overview of Schizophrenia and Alzheimers Disease
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Schizophrenia and Alzheimer's Disease: Mental Illness of the Young and Old Labeling schizophrenia as one of the most devastating mental illnesses, Dr. Stretton began his lecture explaining that his own son is affected by the disease. I have not been personally affected by schizophrenia or Alzheimer's disease, but my sister suffers from bipolar disorder. It moved me to see the majority of the room raise their hands when asked, “How many of you have friends or family that suffer from…...
Alzheimer'S Disease
An Overview of Alzheimers Disease and Its Effect on the Brain
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However, modern medicine has allowed for individuals with Alzheimer's to lead decent lives despite their condition. How can Alzheimer's be Treated? Alzheimer's is considered a chronic and progressive condition, making it difficult to pinpoint in the medical world. To expand on that note,"currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer's. But drug and non-drug treatments may help with both cognitive and behavioral symptoms.” Since every individual is different, not every treatment method available to the public may work for said individual.…...
Alzheimer'S Disease
The Notebook Character Analysis
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The two characters chosen for this essay are those played by Judie Dench (Kate Winslet plays the younger Iris Murdoch) from the movie Iris and Rachel McAdams from The Notebook. The movie Iris, starring Judie Dench and Jim Broadbent is a masterpiece of the drama genre. The movie is a biographical account of British novelist Iris Murdoch, as it traces her life from early adulthood till her old age and ultimate demise. The film The Notebook, on the other hand…...
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Alzheimer’s Disease Research Paper
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Alzheimer’s disease is an incurable neurodegenerative disease (progressive loss of neurons) of the brain tissue that causes progressive and irreversible loss of mental functions, including memory. This is the most common form of dementia in humans. It was first described by German physician Alois Alzheimer in 1906. The exact causes of Alzheimer’s disease are still unknown. Genetic and environmental factors contribute to its onset and development. However, there are known risk factors: some genetic anomalies, factors of cardiovascular risk or…...
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