A Cure For Disease And Even Cancer

There are many different ways that Henrietta’s case should have been handled and not telling her was one. Even though it turned out to be a great thing and being able to find cures for certain diseases or even cancer it’s wrong not telling anyone that they are using something in their body to test. Keeping things from someone and not getting their consent is not a good way to build up someone’s reputation or even the hospitals reputation.

Henrietta’s doctors should have communicated with her. The communication process is an ethical and also it is legal to do. It is spelled out in case laws in all 50 states, its under AMA’s Code of Medical Ethics, in the AMA PolicyFinder. When communicating with the patient you will be able to find out what is going on and be able to tell them their diagnosis if they have one, what the next steps of treatment or the procedure will be, being able to explain ricks, alternative things that they could do along with risks and benefits of the alternative methods.

The doctors would also need to tell what is going to happen and if they are going to take a sample of anything for further testing. From a legal stand point of things, it is illegal for anyone to take things from you especially a doctor. Not letting a patient know what is going on can create more things to go wrong if things were to go wrong.

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When someone would fid out that this happen to them, they would get a lawsuit towards the doctors. But there was a case in California between Moore and Regents of the University of California because Moore argued that it is personal ownership of whatever comes out of his body even if it still grows. The court had a feeling about this case and wanted to put cell tissues under property rights but believe it would have an effect on medical research.

It is against the law at any point in time to hand out a patient’s information besides to whoever they have as an emergency contact. In 1985 Johns Hopkins gave Michael Gold Henrietta’s medical records to him just so that he could use it in his book. Henrietta was “immortal” because her cells could be kept alive but also grow and live forever. Here it is 67 years later, and her cells are still alive.  Scientist are finding more cures for diseases, cancers, or anything else that they could try and find to help fix. I personally don’t think that it is right for doctors or anyone to take things from your body just for research without your consent. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t have poor and can’t afford medial insurance, they are still human and still alive so with it being them. When a doctor does something like in Henrietta’s case and not tell anyone just isn’t a professional thing to do and makes it harder for the doctor to be trusted.

The HeLa cancer cells are different from any other cells in the world because they don’t die and can grow along with stay alive. HeLa cells have between 76 to 80 chromosomes when the normal number is 46. They were able to keep her cells alive long enough, so they could run different tests on them and come up with cures. Hela cells can also infect other cells. There are different things to know about the Hela cells. Or even how they should have handled Henrietta’s case. There’re ethical and legal ways to do things along with right and wrong ways to do it. Many things that has happen in the past has made it extremely hard to take anything out without anyone knowing or getting sued even just for research.

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