Essay About Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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Essay : ‘Prevention is better tnan cure” is a wise saying which han comedown to us since ages. It holds true for ever. The wisdom of the saying lies in the fact that a little effort in the early phan of a problem helps to solve it before it becomes too difficult to be solved. This principle is always observed by wise people to succeed in life. Those who do not observe this principle usually suffer even if they are intelligent and hard- working.

Essay Example on Prevention Better Than Cure

Observance of this principle becomes a part of one’s nature ; indifference to his principle also becomes a bad habit leading to uneasy consequences. If one sees symptoms of a disease, it is advisible to immediately go to the doctor, get it diagnosed and follow the treatment. Any negligence at the earlier stages of a disease leads to complications and deterioration. Going to the doctor at a late stage will not only mean more expense but may also endanger the life of the person.

Prevention is, therefore, better than cure.

Unclean state of affairs in one’s household can lead to any diseases. The members of one’s family can catch malaria or any other disease owing to the mosquitoes that multiply in an unclean place. Stagnant water, dirty latrines, unclean floors and dirty and stale food, over-ripe fruits and the like can cause so many diseases whose cure will cost a lot of botheration and money. It is better to remove all these unclean habits and prevent the occurrence of the disease.

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Prevention is better than cure again. If one is a student, it is better to study regularly.

If one ignores one’s lessons in the early stages so as to work hard during the examination days, one is in for trouble. One’s early carelessness can cost one success in the examination. One should study tile lessons regularly in keeping with the requirements of the class, under instructions of the teacher, if one wants to fare well in the examination. One should prevent failure than face the failure and try hard to overcome it. One may have to hire a costly tutor or lose one’s health??”physical and mental??”to recoup the lost time.

Prevention is better than cure again. The principle also holds good in the matter of building good habits. If a person wants to develop good habits?» he must lay a sound foundation for them. To keep to the morals and principles of good character, it is desirable to avoid bad habits of drinking, smoking, etc. Once” one starts on the wrong lines, there is no end to the dirty ways. It is always better to avoid dirty habits from early childhood. We should nip the evil in the bud from the very beginning. prevention is better than cure By vikigaJraJ

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