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Arrange Marriage Is Better Than Love Marriage Paper

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I am here not only to criticize boldly arranged marriage but also to plant the seed of love marriage in the inner core of my heart. First of all I would like to define the word love. Some people say that it starts towards each other which touch of body. But according to me it’s is a total dedication of two heart towards each other which never end just horizon. Today it has become fashion to have a boyfriend and girlfriend. Due to some crush they get marry and they use to say that I have done love marriage but according to me it’s not a love marriage, it’s a crush marriage.

They don’t understand properly to each other and one day came when matter reaches to the divorce and such people become example for others who use to say that love marriage is the marriage tool to destroy the happiness and prosperity of life. Friends, love marriage is the marriage of proper understanding. My dear friend we know we spent a lot of time with our wife. Then how we can marry with them who are stranger for us. I would like to cite example when ever we travel in train.

We told not to talk with stranger for few hour traveling we don’t talk with stranger then for whole life traveling how we marry with stranger. Friends, Love marriage not only make our life happily but also break regionalism, regionalism and casticism. It also establishes proper social order in society. It forms undivided society with sounds equality. Friend Love marriage is not only making our life happily but it also mitigates the dowry system which is curse of our society.

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Arrange Marriage Is Better Than Love Marriage

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