Two Years Are Better Than Four Short Summary

In the essay “Two Years Are Better Than Four,” author Liz Addison declares that Rick Perlstein and friends say college is not mattered, is coming to an end. As Liz does, as a college student I also swiftly, disagree with them, college’s experience shows me, that I can learn in a quick matter of time, with less money, and move on my life with my head full of knowledge ready to work. And perhaps move forward to a higher level.

I feel nowadays, many university students tend to quit school; they are full of debts without jobs, they thought maybe they are wasting their time. I know this because I have an older brother who is attending Sacramento State, who is having to take out loans, accepting the fact, he may be in debt for some time. Yet he strides to work his very best, in school movativing me todo the same as well. I think, going to college is a halting place to go through before university; and it is a smarter way of thinking to do so.

A short summarize of the content will show how college is a matter.

Essay Example on Two Years Are Better Than Four By Liz Addison

First, community college gives a chance to everyone who wants to follow their dreams to do so. In addition, the door is open to everybody without any social range or economic, a low-income person will be welcome in college. As an example, I intend to be a correctional officer, yet I chose college to study the first levels, have a degree, find a job and later seek admission to the university.

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I strongly agree with the state that Liz borrows from Thomas Jefferson, “ Everybody should have an education proportional to their life”. Unfortunately, the average income between rich and poor in America is not accurate, everyones supposed to become somebody in life; college gives opportunity to everyone who wants to do so, to become whatever they want, and at any age with a low cost. I still say Perlstein is wrong, as much as the income level between rich and poor in America stays unbalanced; college will always be there to gives an opp…

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Two Years Are Better Than Four Short Summary
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