Diverse Aspects of Science Education

Apart from the temperate climate, with beautiful summers and mild wet winters at UBC, its national reputation and academic excellence validated year after year stands it out. With a vision to inspire people, ideas and actions for a better world, I have been drawn to UBC. It is committed to attracting and supporting people like myself who have the drive to shape a better world by encouraging bold thinking, curiosity and initiative, so we can realize our greatest potential. I therefore believe I have a place here.

Life at UBC is one where I could explore my interests, develop leadership skills and form personal connections. Studying here would empower me to meet the world’s complex interdisciplinary challenges, and devise creative solutions and ideas for them. UBC is also one school whose Faculty of Education is one of the leading faculties of its kind in the world, advancing educational research and understanding of teaching and learning in a way that celebrates diversity, equity and innovation, and welcomes international collaboration in an increasingly borderless globe.

Augmenting to this is its library with over 200 000 volumes of books, online cataloging included.

Life at UBC is mine to create by enthusiasm, curiosity and a willingness to discover. It indeed is really mine. With so many choices at UBC, I can learn new skills or sports, discover talents I never knew I had and make friendships that will create memories for a lifetime. Here, I have more than 200 opportunities to get involved in activities outside the classroom, from skating to rowing, yoga to tennis, recreation at UBC has something for everyone.

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It even has its own aquatic center. UBC’s approach truly creates connections integrating students’ academic, social and professional development into a seamless pathway to the future. I hope to be among these privileged students as I further my studies in Science Education.

To begin with, my sincere appreciation goes to MasterCard Foundation for availing me the privilege to partake in the selection process. Herewith, due to my interest to deepen my knowledge of science education in physics, the perfect choice for my graduate study is at the University of British Columbia. The master’s program at the University will afford me all I need to become an expert in Science Education since the program is taught through collaboration between academics with world-class expertise in diverse aspects of Science Education. The outline of this program at UBC provides a balance between technical analysis including education and science research generally as its framework. Also, the master’s in Science Education at UBC offers broad specialization such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Sociology. Although there are other schools with the same specializations, UBC stands out as it has been rated as one of the top three by the Canadian Government and its scholarship scheme is inviting.

Being a student of Science Education at UBC will imply that I will be taught by top science researchers and experts and will also be afforded the opportunities for professional networking which will lead me to greatness in my field. Studying at UBC will not only improve my knowledge of Science Education but will also broaden my vision towards the development of Science Education with a global perspective. Considering my background study, life experiences and passion for Science Education, UBC will be a good fit for me.

By the end of my study, I intend to contribute to the teaching and learning of Science Education in my country. I will teach at the department of Science and Technology Education in the University of Jos, Nigeria. Furthermore, I intend to join the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN) and work with a team to build sustainable science Educators.

As part of my long term career goals, I intend to become the Honourable Minister of Education in my country in the next fifteen years which is why I am I am ready to take up this course at UBC and get actively involved with my hardwork and best efforts. Hopefully, with suitable courses that fit my interest and prior education, my study at UBC would lead me into a brighter future and would help me make valuable contributions in the field of Science Education in Nigeria. Attending the University of British Columbia (UBC) for a Master’s in Science Education at the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy is a significant and natural step for me, one I’m highly prepared to take on and work tirelessly for with all diligence and prompt eagerness.

In my quest for a graduate program that suits my interest at UBC, I was excited to find some works that align my undergraduate and further research at grad school. Of these was a previous work by Dr. Nashon on “The Role of Practical Work in Science.” The other was by Dr. Marina, “Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Technology-Enhanced Learning Materials and their impact on Teacher-Candidates Pedagogical content knowledge.” I believe that working with these great researchers will not only equip me with the knowledge and tools needed to improve Science Education in my country but will also furnish me with the foundation and support necessary for ultimately attaining the fit of a Professor of Science Education.

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Diverse Aspects of Science Education
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