Beyond Vietnam A Time To Break Silence Essay

Rev. Martin Luther King’s speech, is directed to the average people of America. King presents the speech to the average Americans and uses them as his main audience, as he tries to build their voices as a whole, in which the secondary audience, the financial and government leaders, can possibly create a solution for. The average Americans do not hold the power they need to end a conflict individually, such as a war. “I wish not to speak with Hanoi and the NLF, but rather to my fellow Americans, who, with me, bear the greatest responsibility in ending a conflict.

King states that he does not wish to speak to any sort of leader, but instead to “his” fellow Americans who can possibly come together as a voice for the average Americans and approach the government leaders in hope for equality. These fellow Americans that King places emphasis on bear the greatest responsibility “with him” in ending a conflict.The use of the words “with me” shows that these people are set equal to King, in which they are average Americans.

King is not a religious, financial, or government leader of any kind, which shows that he can be seen as an equal with the average Americans who need to come together as one voice to set peace and equality.

As King peacefully fights for equality and fairness, he needs the average Americans to act as one as they bear the greatest responsibility in ending a conflict. The “greatest responsibility” in this case would be the Vietnam War that will take a larger audience than only King himself to help create solutions for.

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With assistance from the average Americans King may possibly be able to reach out to his secondary audience of government officials and create a change within war issues through their voices. King shows the cruelty that the average Americans are facing to the government leaders. “So we have been repeatedly faced with the cruel irony of w… A Time To Break Silence Rhetorical Analysis

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Beyond Vietnam A Time To Break Silence Essay
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