A Desire to Break the Stereotypes of Society

Stereotypes have been centered upon us for as long as we can remember. However, there are specific stereotypes that are hurting the way we live that need to be abandoned, Individuality is stifled in our label-obsessed society. How can an entire population of females or males be generalized? Yes, we do have tendencies to act similarly based on our gender, but our interests and ideas are completely different based on our cultures, environment, and the people with whom we associate. Why does our society think that girls love dolls and boys love cars without giving them a chance to voice their own preferences? I believe that it’s because we have followed stereotypes for so many generations that our parents accept them to be the standard, simply unchangeable.

We’ve even stereotyped things as basic as colors; bold goes with red, companionship goes with yellow, and serenity goes with blue, We try too hard to make binary divisions when humans are literally the most complex creatures on the planet.

Extrovert or introvert?

I love alone time, but I also love exploring the Big Apple, so where does that leave me? These questions cross my mind on a daily basis. I’ve heard conversations in which people make baseless assumptions solely based on appearance; that girl has blonde hair and big boobs, so she must be a slut. Many people are pressured into following these stereotypes because they feel that their personalities must fit into a specific category. Our society created these labels, and it has become nearly impossible to avoid them, People don‘t realize that following these social ideals inhibits their freedom of expression.

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The media has explicitly promoted these stereotypes, especially in movies. The cheerleader wouldn’t date anyone else besides the football player. The nerds are outcasts. Although it is a societal standard to follow one of these trends, I strive to break conformity. I would be limited in my own growth if I succumbed to stereotypes.

Iwould be unable to pursue interests that go beyond the spectrum of my label, I have my own unique characteristics such as being an art enthusiast and a tea-lover, but that does not mean I will submit myself as a “hipster.” I am not a “nerd” because I love math nor am I a “Northeastern preppy girl” because I go to a private school in the Northeast, These arejusl a handful of my qualities as a person, so why must I be defined in a simple, convenient manner? I do not wish to change myself to have all of the requirements to fit any particular group. I want to transform these societal ideals and break these stereotypes apart. I hope to enhance my own perspective by continuing to have a curious eye and introspective nature.

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