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Free essays on historiography are academic works that explore the study of history and the methods and theories used to interpret and analyze historical events. These essays may cover topics such as the evolution of historical writing, the role of bias and interpretation in the discipline, the impact of contemporary politics and culture on historical research, and more. Written by scholars and students alike, these essays are often available online for free and are important resources for anyone interested in the field of history.
Research Article on Mexican Traditional Medicine
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For research paper, I will be discussing the topic of Mexican Folk Medicine within the South Texas region. My research will utilize secondary sources (such as journal articles, books, and two academic dissertations) to piece together a general overview of Mexican Folk Medicine (illnesses cured, remedies, notable healers, etc.), as a means of providing my paper with a bit of background information. Along with these secondary sources, my paper will utilize primary sources mainly in the form of local newspaper…...
Preserving And Keeping Order by Killing Time in Heart of Darkness
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Brook Thomas argues that Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness aligns with the tenets of New Historicism by constructing a historical narrative with “no guarantee that we will penetrate to the essential Truth – or non-Truth” (266). Focusing on this subjectivity, Thomas articulates that, as a “historian of human experience,” Conrad’s creates a novel that attempts to decentre Eurocentrism but ultimately presents a temporal narrative that reveals more about European society than African (266). After a brief description of the…...
Heart Of DarknessHistoriography
Historiographic Metafiction
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Pages • 20
The frontiers of a book are ne'er distinct: beyond the rubric. the first lines. and the last full-stop. beyond its internal constellation and its independent signifier. it is caught up in a system of mentions to other books. other texts. other sentences: it is a node within a web. -Foucault What we tend to name postmodernism in literature today is normally characterized by intense self-reflexivity and overtly parodic intertextuality. In fiction this means that it is normally metafiction that is…...
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