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The Calm of the Crucible Imagine
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The following sample essay on "The Calm of the Crucible Imagine": role of  examples of irony Arthur Miller's works. Imagine this: you’re walking down the street on Halloween and you see tons of people dressed up as witches. If we lied during the Salem Witch Trials, those people would’ve gotten arrested. Ironic, right? Speaking of irony, the Crucible has a great amount of irony presented. Irony is the use of words to express something of the opposite literal meaning. The…...
Abigail WilliamsSalem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
Abigail The Crucible
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Pages • 7
The sample paper on Abigail The Crucible familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.What is the role of Abigail Williams in the play ‘The Crucible’ and to what extent did she cause what happened in Salem? As an actor or director what qualities to you consider important for this role? “The Crucible” is a play written by Aruthur Miller as an historical allegory for the 1950’s communist ‘witch hunt’ in…...
Abigail WilliamsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
What Happened To Giles Corey
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This sample essay on What Happened To Giles Corey provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.‘It has been argued that Act three is the dramatic climax of ‘The Crucible’. Discuss how far you agree with this argument. ‘ In my opinion Act three is the dramatic climax of ‘The Crucible’ but Act four also includes some very dramatic moments so could…...
Abigail WilliamsSalem Witch TrialsThe Crucible
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The Crucible Movie
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The name of the film is The Crucible. The prominent stars of the film are Abigail Williams, whose cries of witchcraft led to the destruction of an entire village. John Proctor, a farmer whose conscience was tested during the witch trails. And Elizabeth Proctor, whose relationships with her husband is characterized by a powerful mix of love, guilt and courage; she too was a victim by Abigail. This drama based on the witch trials in the Salem Village during the…...
Abigail WilliamsBook SummaryThe CrucibleWitchcraft
John Proctor Tragic Flaw
Words • 785
Pages • 4
John Proctor – Tragic Hero? How does he fit in to the tradition of tragic heroes e. g. Macbeth, Oedipus, Hamlet? What is modern about him? Aristotle said that a tragic hero is “A man neither entirely good nor entirely bad who through some flaw in his character or through some error of judgement, passes from great happiness to great sorrow. ” Also said of a tragic hero is “an action serious and discrete in itself,” “a man of some…...
Abigail WilliamsHeroJohn ProctorSalem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleTragic Hero
Salem Witch Trial Essay
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Pages • 3
Arthur Miller, many lies have been made by the Puritan Community. The witch trials took place during the times of the Salem In Massachusetts. This was a time of much hypocrisy in the people of the town of Salem. The witch trials involved many people to lie about the devil and witchcraft, which also harmed others in many ways. The Puritans of Massachusetts were a religious faction. Miler involved the Intense dishonesty over the Puritan Community. The story began with…...
Abigail WilliamsPuritansSalem Witch TrialsWitchcraft
How Is Abigail Manipulative In The Crucible
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Abigail Williams is one of the major characters; she is easily established and is clearly the villain of the play. Abigail is a good liar, she can be very manipulative and overall she is a very vindictive character. Abigail is an orphan and an unmarried girl; therefore she occupies a low rung on the Puritan Salem social ladder (the only people below her are the slaves like Tituba). In the play John Proctor has an affair with Abigail Williams; however,…...
Abigail WilliamsBook SummarySalem Witch TrialsThe Crucible
John Proctor Reputation
Words • 615
Pages • 3
A man’s reputation is the focus of his life. A man takes pride in what he makes of himself, and his pride is what gives substance to his life. The loss of a man’s pride reduces him to nothing and ultimately destroys him. Hence, the blackening of the main character’s name in Guilty by Suspicion and The Crucible caused the destruction of his life. John Proctor, the main character in The Crucible, faced the choice between losing his life and…...
Abigail WilliamsThe Crucible
She Is Blackening My Name In The Village
Words • 720
Pages • 3
“Now, Betty, dear wake up now. It’s Abigail. (She sits Betty up and furiously shakes her. ) I’ll beat you Betty. ” This violent language is a key to how violent Abigail’s behaviour is. She knows what she wants and she is prepared to do whatever it takes to get it. Abigail’s character has many flaws, people would think passion is a good thing, and it is, but Abi is too passionate, she is willing to have innocent people killed,…...
Abigail Williams
American Literature: Witch trials (The Crucible)
Words • 1340
Pages • 6
Who is the author of the Crucible? Arthur Miller What are the main topics or ideas in the Crucible? Puritanism + Witchcraft + McCarthyism + Arthur Miller What is Puritanism -originated in England during early 1600s -believes in Predestination -split from Church of England in 1633 -> emigrated to America What did people in Salem believe? -believed in witches and witchcraft (just like Puritans) What was Salem's idea on Witchcraft? -"entering into a compact with the devil in exchange for…...
Abigail WilliamsFlashcardsMass HysteriaMccarthyismSalem Witch TrialsWitchcraft
Honors Literature sem. 1 The Crucible
Words • 4132
Pages • 17
What important information is revealed in the third paragraph of the first act in the Crucible? The information revealed is that Reverend Parris is one of the characters in the play. He is praying for his daughter, who is obviously sick. In what ways does a long exposition differ from a stage direction? A long exposition differs from a typical stage direction because a stage direction is usually brief. An exposition, however, goes into more detail. A stage direction also…...
Abigail WilliamsFlashcardsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
Short Answer Study Guide Questions – The Crucible Act One
Words • 932
Pages • 4
"So now they and their church found it necessary to deny any other sect its freedom, lest their New Jerusalem be defiled and corrupted by wrong and deceitful ideas." What is the irony in that statement? The Puritans came to this country for religious freedom, but they then persecuted others for their religion which made the colony almost as bad as the place they had left Explain how the witch-hunt years were a time of "general revenge." The Puritans were…...
Abigail WilliamsCultureFlashcardsWitchcraft
The Crucible Parris
Words • 826
Pages • 4
What clues does Arthur Miller give to the audience to suggest what will happen in the rest of the play? Miller's comments in the overture set up The Crucible quite well. Certain descriptions and words give implicit meanings that do not come through until the end. There are also implicit meanings that do not require the reading of the play such as, "A small window in the room. " This gives a meaning of the things being small and the…...
Abigail WilliamsBook SummaryThe Crucible
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What Happened To Giles Corey
...Some of these are, when at the beginning Giles Corey bursts into the courtroom claiming that he has evidence that would make his wife, Martha Corey is innocent, and when Mary Warren admits that her and all the other girls were “pretending to be aff...
How Is Abigail Manipulative In The Crucible
...Tituba, whose status is lower than that of anyone else in the play by virtue of the fact that she is black, manages to deflect blame of herself by confessing apologetically and then condemning others who she claimed were also in touch with the devil....
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