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Art of the Sacred Realm/Religion
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For my small ideal Asian cultural museum I choose Art of the Sacred Realm/Religion for my theme. The reason I chose this theme is because I always been fascinated by how art, architecture, theater, literature, or music was influenced by religion and the people during the time they were built. My first art work that I will be introducing into my museum is the Taj Mahal which was made in India. My second piece of art work that I will be introducing…...
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art history pa
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Art HistroyBUS 100: Art HistoryProfessor: Krishna khanal/July 21, 2019AbstractArt history is a knowledge about development of how artist work like panting, monuments, temples, culture have developed and reached to this time. In this paper will gives information about Greek and Roman art civilization. If we look at the present time roman civilization have given birth to politicians, writers and its footprint is still seen all over the Europe. Where as in Greek civilization the birth of democracy was formed, at…...
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