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Free essays on Louis XIV are academic pieces of writing that provide an in-depth analysis of the life, reign, and impact of one of the most influential monarchs in European history. These essays cover topics such as Louis XIV's political and military achievements, his cultural and artistic contributions, his relations with international powers, and his legacy on European politics and society. They are typically written by historians, political scientists, or scholars specialized in early modern Europe and are intended to serve as study material for students, researchers, and general readers interested in French history and the Age of Absolutism.
The Actions of King Louis XIV That Led to the Downfall of Nobility
Words • 570
Pages • 3
“It is legal because I wish it.” This was certainly a true statement spoken by King Louis XIV because as the ruling monarch he was able to do whatever he wanted politically. An absolute monarch has absolute authority politically, economically, and culturally over a state.  This large amount of power usually caused absolute monarchs to become vain and egotistical. While Louis XIV possessed these traits, he was still a very effective absolute monarch because he was able to rule psychologically and geographically. Psychologically, Louis…...
Louis Xiv
The Reign of Louis XIV
Words • 436
Pages • 2
Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great or the Sun King, ruled France from 1643 to He was made king at the age of 5 due to the passing of Louis XIII. While he was a child, the nobles of the country launched a revolt against the throne, which lead to many years of civil unrest and is now known as the Fronde. During this period, Louis was often forced to stay inside his house and thus grew up with a distrust…...
Louis Xiv
The Failure of Louis XIV to Maintain Control in France After 1685
Words • 763
Pages • 4
How successful was Louis XIV in maintaining royal authority within France after 1685? (24) One of Louis XIV's main policies was to maintain his royal authority throughout his reign to effectively enforce his absolutism. During his reign, there were many successes including the fact that he managed to control the nobility to such an extent until his death when they would perform the lever and coucher. However, there were also several failures in maintaining authority including the fact that Huguenots…...
Louis Xiv
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Arbitrary Government
Words • 1574
Pages • 7
The following sample essay on "Arbitrary Government": provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. Absolutism is first introduced by philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) who believes in the power of the state and that men cannot survive in an orderly structure without it. The goals of an absolute monarch are to keep a tight rein on the authority of the church and nobility, to make the monarch the most powerful being in the state, to…...
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Absolutism Essay
Words • 870
Pages • 4
Absolute monarchy or absolutism means that the sovereign power or ultimate authority in the state rested in the hands of a king who claimed to rule by divine right. Kangxi and Louis XIV were both shining examples for absolutist rule. Age of Absolutism was between 1610 and 1789. Absolutism is a term used to depict a type of monarchical power that was not at all restrained by institutions, for example, legislatures, social elites, or churches. Both Kangxi and Louis X1V were…...
GovernmentLouis XivMonarchyPolitics
Thirty Years’ War and Louis Xiv
Words • 5437
Pages • 22
3 RISE OF NATION STATES _____1. The end of the Hundred Years' War encouraged the growth of centralized government in France for all of the following reasons EXCEPT (A) the nobility had been weakened by the war (B) the monarchy had led the fight against the English (C) the revival of commerce increased the taxable revenues of the bourgeoisie (D) nobles were recruited to serve as government administrators (E) the king was able to keep a strong standing army _____2.…...
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