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The Life and Death of Al Capone
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With his record of bloodshed and death, Al Capone may be considered to be the most notorious gangster in American history. His crimes--which include murder, illegal gambling, and bootlegging--will never be ignored and his death will surely leave a lasting legacy(pbs). Arriving as a child to the United States in 1894, his family and him made resident in Brooklyn, New York. (umich). As a teenager, he did errands for the gangster Johnny Torrio(umich). He was eventually in a bar fight…...
Al Capone
Al Capone: A Brief Introduction
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Pages • 2
Alphonse "Al” Capone (Born 1/17/1899, Brooklyn; Died 1/25/1947, Florida) is one of the most recognized names in American history. Alphonse was born to Neapolitan immigrants Gabriel and Teresa. His surname, originally Caponi, had been Americanized to "Capone". The Capone family included James, Ralph, Salvatore (Frank), Alphonse, John, Albert, Matthew, Rose and Mafalda. Capone was proud to be an American "I'm no Italian. I was born in Brooklyn", he often said. Al went to school with Salvatore Lucania, later known as…...
Al Capone
An Introduction to the Life and History of Al Capone
Words • 802
Pages • 4
Al Capone is perhaps the best-known gangster of all time and by far the most powerful mob boss of his era. His mob dominated the Chicago area from 1925 to 1931, when he was imprisoned for tax evasion. This was the only crime the courts could prove against him. He went to jail at Alcatraz for eight years until he became very ill with syphilis and died from the disease in 1947. Al was born somewhere in Brooklyn on January…...
Al Capone
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An Introduction to the Life and Family of Al Capone
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Pages • 4
Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1899, of an immigrant family, Al Capone quit school after the sixth grade and associated with a notorious street gang, becoming accepted as a member. Johnny Torrio was the street gang leader and among the other members was Lucky Luciano, who would later attain his own notoriety. About 1920, at Torrio's invitation, Capone joined Torrio in Chicago where he had become an influential lieutenant in the Colosimo mob. The rackets spawned by enactment of…...
Al Capone
Al Capone: Criminal Analysis & Prosecution
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Pages • 3
The Roaring Twenties were a turbulent time in the United States. World War I had just ended and everyone was in high spirits. Young people wanted to have fun and were not going to let anything stop them--not even prohibition. Speakeasies, nightclubs, gambling houses, and bookie joints were put up to satisfy their craving for fun. Along with all these illegal fun spots came the rampant growth of underground crime. Gangsterism was on the rise and was growing out of…...
Al Capone
Al Capone and the Rise of Crime in America
Words • 924
Pages • 4
"After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited."-18th Amendment, Section 1, 1919 Those words initiated the rise of organized crime in America. With the closing of saloons and pubs, speakeasies sprung up like wildflowers around the country. Bootlegging and rum running became underground businesses,…...
Al Capone
A Comparison of Billy Sunday and Al Capone
Words • 831
Pages • 4
Are you going to allow others influence you in a negative way or a positive way? Billy Sunday was an American, who took the role as a professional baseball player, and later denied a contract to become a Christian, and gradually turn to evangelism because he thought God was more important. Al Capone was an Italian, who was a famous American Gangster. But, these two gentlemen had many similarities that relate to each others live. Billy Sunday and Al Capone…...
Al Capone
The Untouchables 1920s
Words • 1299
Pages • 6
The sample paper on The Untouchables 1920s familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories, and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.Reality and fiction within the film industry are often misunderstood by the audience. A lot of the events that happened in the film ‘The Untouchables’ never actually took place in real life, Elliot Ness never met Al Capone (scarface) and the courthouse scene never happened, and so the list goes on, but despite this the director Brian…...
Al CaponeOrganized Crime
Prohibition Essay
Words • 1511
Pages • 7
The essay sample on Prohibition Essay dwells on its problems, providing a shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.The act of Prohibition was introduced within the American culture during the twentieth century, within the subject of alcoholic abuse and increasing establishments of saloon bars within rural and urban states. The act of Prohibition was introduced due to the strong temperance movements within the rural states present in the nineteenth…...
Al CaponeAlcoholProhibition
Alphonse Gabriel Capone
Words • 501
Pages • 3
Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born In Brooklyn New York to Gabriele Fitzgerald (December 12, 1864 – November 14, 1920) and his wife Teresina Raiola (December 28, 1867 – November 29, 1952) in Brooklyn, on January 17, 1899. [2] Gabriele was a barber from Castellammare di Stabia, a town about 15 miles (24 km) south of Naples, Italy. Teresina was a seamstress and the daughter of Angelo Raiola from Angri, a town in the province of Salerno in southwestern Italy. Gabriele…...
Al Capone
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