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Free essays on Ned Kelly are academic papers that discuss various aspects of the infamous Australian bushranger's life, including his childhood, criminal activities, trial, and eventual execution. These essays touch upon the socio-political and economic factors that contributed to Kelly's outlaw status, and explore the popular perception of him as a folk hero and martyr. They also delve into the historical accuracy of Kelly's legend and analyze the impact of his myth on Australian national identity. Overall, free essays on Ned Kelly provide a fascinating insight into Australian history and culture, and challenge readers to examine the complexities of criminal justice and cultural symbolism.
The Reasons Why Has Ned Kelly Been Glorified and Called a Hero in Australia
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If you went into any Australian classroom and asked if anyone knew who Ned Kelly was, chances are you'd get an answer of something like: "mm yeah, that bushranger who had the steel bucket on his head who got shot". Not many people know the real story, but it is an intriguing one. Ned Kelly has, over the years, been described as a hero, "one of the most romantic figures in history", "the father of our national courage", an Australian…...
Ned Kelly
The Criminal Activity of Ned Kelly and Why He SHould Be An Australian Icon
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Pages • 3
Ned Kelly: hero or villain? One man not only caused a lot of controversy but also changed Australian history forever. Ned Kelly should be considered a villain because of the terrible person he was, not only did he rob and steal but he also committed murders. This essay will discuss why Ned Kelly was considered a criminal, who he was and what he stood for, the motivation behind the crimes he committed and why he should not be an Australian…...
Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly Is a Victim in Black Snake The Daring of Ned Kelly by Carole Wilkinson
Words • 548
Pages • 3
"Everyone looks at me like a black snake," a Quote from the back of the book. As shown throughout Carole Wilkinson's book, Black Snake, Ned Kelly remain without doubt an innocent victim that is being discriminated and mistreated ever since he was young. Ned and his family suffered through lots of hideous things as soon as they arrived in Victoria (Australia). Some say that the miserable, Irish, boy is a villain because he injured a police officer. But he was…...
Ned Kelly
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Ned Kelly Australias Greatest Mythological Character
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Pages • 4
He was an outlaw who wore a suit of armour, rode a horse, and challenged the law and its enforcers. Today, Ned Kelly is Australia's greatest mythological character. Icon of the Australian imagination. But who was the man behind the mask? Was he a merciless killer who unforgivably chose to take up arms against society, or a national hero who was the embodiment of the Australian spirit. To answer this question, one must first take a journey into the legend…...
Ned Kelly
Biography and Works of Sheldon Alan Silverstein
Words • 663
Pages • 3
We all will miss our favorite poet who passed away from a heart attack on May 10, 1999 (McCloud). Through works as varied as the colors of an autumn day, he has entertained a variety of audiences since the launch of his career. He will be remembered for generations to come through the joy that he will continue to bring to children and adults through his life's work. Sheldon Alan "Shelly" Silverstein, most commonly known as Shel Silverstein, was born…...
Ned Kelly
An Argument in Favor or Against the View That Ned Kelly Was a Hero of a Villain
Words • 476
Pages • 2
Ned Kelly: HERO OR VILLAIN? People have always argued about Ned Kelly and whether he was a hero of a villain. In my eyes he was neither hero or villain. If anything he was a heroic villain. Ned Kelly was just an Australian with Irish born parents who was given a hard time by the Australian police officers. When he was blamed for shooting a police officer he went on the run as an outlaw. The police bullied and picked…...
Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly Argumentative EssayHero Victim Villain These are the
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Pages • 3
Ned Kelly Argumentative EssayHero. Victim. Villain. These are the three words used to portray Ned Kelly. Many people would see him as a cruel police murderer or maybe a heroic civilian who stood up for people’s rights. Yet the things that Ned did, didn’t identify him as a villain or a hero. He was a victim, who was treated poorly by everyone around him. For Ned, the difficulty of living was trying not to be called a thief for crimes…...
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Poverty and wealth within In Cold Blood vs the True History of The Kelly Gang
Words • 864
Pages • 4
The following sample essay on  In Cold Blood and the True History of the Kelly Gang, Capote shows that taking, a human beings life is wrong and Carey shows that saving a human beings life is right. Capote shows this in the interrogative "Added up, how much money did you get from the Clutters?" "Between forty and fifty dollars." The quantitative phrase "forty and fifty dollars" shows that the criminals killed for money, even though it turned out to be…...
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The Reasons Why Has Ned Kelly Been Glorified and Called a Hero in Australia
...Who knows? What we do know though, is that ultimately, no matter after how much dispute and discussion, no matter how much we look into it and analyse it, wether anyone likes it or not, Ned Kelly is, and always ...
The Criminal Activity of Ned Kelly and Why He SHould Be An Australian Icon
...Australia doesn't shouldn't have someone who is so fixated on revenge that he kills and will do anything to get want he wants. Australians need brave, courageous and people that do good in their life. Some say that Ned Kelly was “nothing else but a...
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