Ned Kelly Is a Victim in Black Snake The Daring of Ned Kelly by Carole Wilkinson

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“Everyone looks at me like a black snake,” a Quote from the back of the book. As shown throughout Carole Wilkinson’s book, Black Snake, Ned Kelly remain without doubt an innocent victim that is being discriminated and mistreated ever since he was young. Ned and his family suffered through lots of hideous things as soon as they arrived in Victoria (Australia). Some say that the miserable, Irish, boy is a villain because he injured a police officer. But he was in a do or die situation.

Therefore, he is classified as a victim. Ned was a caring and brave victim, this is demonstrated by this phrase.

“Constable Fitzpatrick tried to kiss 14-year-old Kate and the boys” were defending her honour.” This quote is told by Mrs Kelly. As you can see, Ned protected his sister from the police. Therefore, the innocent and genuine boy is a victim because he’s constantly getting blamed and being inadequately treated. For example, “Wild Wright, the man who essentially stolen the horse was only sentenced to eighteen months of jail.

While Ned was sentenced to three years of forced labour. As shown Ned was being accused by police officers.

Ned was an innocent and defenceless victim, who has been suppressed by a bias government and the greedy and heartless police. He was mistreated ever since he arrived in Australia. He is born in a disadvantaged family, which meant that rich squatters and police targeted them. From accusing them of stealing three bulls to stealing a herd.

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“Under the thumb of some wealthy English landowner.” As said before they are defenceless due to the fact that they don’t have power or money. This is proven is the paragraph, Therefore, Ned in a victim that is an innocent and defenceless victim. As mentioned in the past, Ned Kelly remain without a doubt a victim. While this statement is true, some people might think Ned Kelly as a villain. Due to the fact that he shot a few police officers and stole from people. Leo candid (a decedent of a police from Stringybark Creek)

As an example: “murderer, attempted terrorist, thug, attacked unarmed police, shot police in the eye” Leo candid (a decedent of a police from Stringybark Creek) Even though he shot police, many of them survived and only a three of them had died. Plus, he used it as self-defence. If Ned hadn’t shot the police, he would have been brutally slain. Ned stole banks, due to the fact that his family is poor and they can’t provide food for the family. Therefore, he needed to defraud banks to provide his family food. Therefore, they can solely live. All in all Ned might have performed wicked things but, he used it for self-defence. Plus he had no intention of injuring anyone.

All is all, I remain my case as Ned being a victim. Due to the fact that valuable squatters and police disrespected him, his family is sentenced to prison without a fair trial and he only harmed police and stole from banks because he needed to feed his dying family. All this could have been different if the police and citizens didn’t enter the Kelly’s life a living hell. Therefore, it is safe to say that Ned remain a defenceless, innocent, miserable victim.

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