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Free essays on Pompeii are written academic texts that discuss various aspects of the ancient Roman city buried by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. These essays typically cover topics such as the city's geography, history, society, culture, art, architecture, religion, and politics. They may also delve into issues related to the volcano's eruption and its impact on the city and its people. Free essays on Pompeii can serve as valuable resources for students, scholars, and anyone interested in learning more about one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world.
Preservation of Pompeii & Herculaneum Sites
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Regarded as two of the most notable archaeological sites, Pompeii and Herculaneum have been the subject of informal and formal excavation. Their exposure to the elements has resulted in the need to focus on preservation and restoration, a task undertaken by a variety of archaeologists and curators. The changing methods have varied in effectiveness, and this can be seen through background knowledge as well as sources E, F, and G. Source E presents a preservation method introduced by archaeologist Giuseppe…...
A Review of the Ancient Roman History in the Book Pompeii by Robert Harris
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I chose to read Pompeii by Robert Harris because of my interest in ancient Roman history. I am fairly familiar with most of the content covered in Pompeii, but it was still a compelling read because I find the insights into Roman life interesting, the fact that it was a fiction book also helped me enjoy it. Pompeii is essentially about a roman engineer, Marcus Attilius, who attempts to solve a problem with an aqueduct providing water for over 250,000…...
A Research to Understand the General Population in Pompeii
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Pompeii Project: Porta Nola Necropolis Pompeii is no longer inhabited as it once was as a Roman town, but there is still plenty going on there. While approximately 2.5 million tourists visit Pompeii each year, quite a few archeologists also occupy the site, literally digging deeper for the truth about Pompeii. Recently in 2015, a project was initiated called the Pompeii Project: Porta Nola Necropolis. The articles and information for this project can be found on the British School at Rome's research…...
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Virtual Tours to Knossos, Acropolis, and Pompeii
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Virtual Tours Virtual tours enable audiences to view specific locations and reveal their key tourist attractions and locations to view. Often, individuals will visit virtual tours before booking their vacation because they allow them to get a better understanding of the area and all that there is to do there. This week, we will be exploring three websites offering virtual tours to Knossos, Acropolis, and Pompeii. Each of these specific sites all have the same purpose, however, by analyzing their…...
Basilica Church in Pompeii
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Italy is a great nation full of historical and cultural importance. It is the birthplace of Roman law and renaissance art. Roman law is comparable to the style of government and law system used in the United States today. Italy is home to decadent food and beautiful architecture. From the magnificent Alps and Mount Vesuvius to the various lakes, beaches, and lagoons, Italy’s immense beauty has drawn visitors from around the world. People visit Italy for many reasons. Some come…...
Who Were The Oscans?
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The following example essay on "Who Were The Oscans?" tells about the ancient Italic tribes that lived in southern and part of central Italy from the end of the 2nd millennium BC. e. The fame and prosperity of Pompeii may be largely credited to the influence which the Romans had over it, by first making it an ally of theirs in 290BC and then a colony of their empire in 90BC. However, before the Romans had arrived in Pompeii it…...
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Essay Examples on Pompeii
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1st Essay Sample on Pompeii The animation shows what has been called the plinian stage of a volcanic eruption. It is named after Pliny, a Roman soldier who sailed into the port of Stabiae to try to help some of the people fleeing the volcano. During the plinian stage, dust, ashes, cinders, and rocks erupt high into the air. This stage may last for hours or even days . No lava flows occur during the plinian stage.In time the dust,…...
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Who Were The Oscans?
...Overall, I think Pompeii positively owes much to other civilisations even though the Romans overshadowed the developments of other civilisations due to their power and knowledge of utilising the town. Therefore, to say that Pompeii owes a lot to the ...
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