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Nikola Milutinov Tesla was born on July 10th 1856 to Georgina and
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Nikola Milutinov Tesla was born on July 10th, 1856 to Georgina and Milutin Tesla. Tesla was born in Similijan, Austrian Empire, modern day Croatia. Tesla had 4 siblings: Danilo, Milka, Angelina, and Marica. Tesla received his early education in primary school in Similijan, learning the German language, arithmetic, and religion. Then in 1870, he enrolled in a higher real gymnasium and graduated a normal 4-year course in only 3 years. Then in 1875, he attended the Austrian Polytechnic on a…...
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Nikola TeslaBy far the most controversial scientist in mankind history. Father of alternate current. Edisons main rival. Elecktrotechnical magician and many more. This is just a few nicknames for such an outstanding person – Nikola Tesla. I have been impressed by this great man, since my high school, as I was studying electrotechnics after my decision to become a technician was made. His brilliant inventions have caught my heart and have never released it.Nikola Tesla was an american inventor with…...
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