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Free essays on Nikola Tesla provide insightful and informative content on the life and works of this famous inventor and engineer. These essays cover various aspects of Tesla's life, such as his early years, his scientific discoveries, his patents, and the legacy he created. They offer an in-depth look into Tesla's groundbreaking contributions, his life struggles, and the impact he had on the scientific community. Some essays explore the controversy and mystery surrounding his life, while others analyze his inventions and theories. Overall, free essays on Nikola Tesla offer a valuable resource for those interested in learning more about this innovative thinker and his remarkable achievements.
A Brief History of the Role of Inventions in the Eventual Creation of Suas
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There are numerous technologies that make up today’s sUAS such as radio communication, GPS, lithium batteries, digital cameras and microcontrollers to name a few. The sUAS market would simply not exist without the development of the aforementioned components. Evolution of those technologies goes as far back as the 1800’s when Nikola Tesla debut one of his famous inventions. In 1898, at the New York's Madison Square Garden, Nikola Tesla showcased his remote controlled boat. He was able to demonstrate how…...
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Nikola Tesla Great Physicist
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Nikola Tesla was a famous physicist who was born at around midnight in the middle of a lightning storm, maybe that sparked him to do what he ended up doing. Believe it or not he also had a very bad obsessive personality, maybe this was one of the contributing factors to him being such a great physicist because he would just obsess over problems and ideas and theories until he finally figured them out and I would have to imagine…...
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The Emergence of Wireles Technology
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Wireless power was never something new. In fact, the concept of wireless power transmission has been around since the 20th century. It was thought of by electrical and mechanical engineer, Nikola Tesla. His concept involved using an “electrostatic induction, using a Tesla coil-like device” (Biaggi, Gaddy, Lu), inventing the first alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology (Nikola Tesla, 2018). Years later, engineers are motivated to adapt on this idea of wireless power. Tesla paved the…...
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Tesla Continues to Improve Its Technology
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Tesla Inc began in 2003 with a few brilliant engineers who wanted to eliminate the trade-offs to drive electric. Before Tesla, electric cars were slow and needed frequent recharging. These engineers believed ''you could have your cake and eat it too.' They developed the fastest car with zero emissions. They named the company Tesla after Nikola Tesla who developed the alternating current induction motor which later was the basis for the industrial revolution. Tesla was created by combining brand spanking…...
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Nikola Tesla Essay
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Nikola TeslaBy far the most controversial scientist in mankind history. Father of alternate current. Edisons main rival. Elecktrotechnical magician and many more. This is just a few nicknames for such an outstanding person – Nikola Tesla. I have been impressed by this great man, since my high school, as I was studying electrotechnics after my decision to become a technician was made. His brilliant inventions have caught my heart and have never released it.Nikola Tesla was an american inventor with…...
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