Nikola Tesla Essay

Nikola TeslaBy far the most controversial scientist in mankind history. Father of alternate current. Edisons main rival. Elecktrotechnical magician and many more. This is just a few nicknames for such an outstanding person – Nikola Tesla. I have been impressed by this great man, since my high school, as I was studying electrotechnics after my decision to become a technician was made. His brilliant inventions have caught my heart and have never released it.Nikola Tesla was an american inventor with Serbian roots, born in nowadays Croatia in the middle 18?s.

It have not took a long time and his talent was revealed by professors at the university who put him to progressive physics experiments. After studies he worked as technician for many companies, since finally he moved to America, consequently where he started to cooperate with T.A. Edison. In spite of their mutual assets, Nikola was much more oriented to electromagnetic fields and alternate current, which he is going to invent later.

Due to growing conflict they splitted up. The “war of currents” could have began.Nikola Tesla is nearly as impressive as Alberter Einstein, in the field of practical usage even more. Most of us are not able to realize his shrewd, determined, generous and genuine approach to invent something beyond human comprehension. I admire him because of his by far the most fatigueless spirit I have ever seen. Society haven’t accepted his progressive ideas, Edison led secret war against him, nobody wanted to grant his research, yet against all the obstacles he sticked to his guns and never eased up.

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There is also many mysteries merged with him, like project philadelphia, Tunguska, Tesla coil or wireless transfer of energy. Through World War 2 Nazis have stolen many of Nikola’s notebooks and researches, which have not been revealed since today.To conclude, I have much highest opinion of Nikola Tesla. As for me he is the legend, who is worth to follow, who to take example of. Most of…

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Nikola Tesla Essay
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