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Traditional Literature (Reading 4th grade)

writing that is NOT true

writing based on FACT

Folk Tale
is a made-up, short story with no known creator. They are passed down from one generation to another by word of mouth.

a short folktale that involves personified animals and teaches a lesson or moral

a folktale that explains something about the world such a frightening or mysterious natural events. In these stories, magic or spirits usually explain events in nature.

A folktale that usually has some connection to a real, historical person or event. It combines factual and fictional elements.

the differences between two or more items, characters, or situaitons

the similarities between two or more items, characters, or stituations

when and where the story takes place

a series of events that gives the story its meaning

the people, animals, or creatures in a story

the lesson learned in the story, the central idea or message from the author

First Person Point of View
a character in the story tells the story…may use: I, me, or we

Third Person Point of View
a narrator outside the story tells the story…may use: he, she, or they


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