Nineteenth Century: The Romantic Era

Which composer did NOT make a major contribution to choral literature?
Frédéric Chopin; his focus was on the Piano

Which of the following describes music in America during the early nineteenth century?
Music was largely imported from Europe.

Which composer is considered the single most important phenomenon in the artistic life of the latter half of the nineteenth century?

The most important organizing element in absolute music is:

Impressionism was a style of painting that was cultivated principally in:

What does NOT describe Romanticism?
The artist is a servant of the aristocracy.

What was NOT a technical improvement to the nineteenth-century piano?
A second keyboard was added

Which of the following composers was the first to use the term symphonic poem?
Franz Liszt

Who was a noted woman composer of the Romantic era?
Clara Schumann

The most important keyboard instrument of the Romantic period was the:

Instrumental music endowed with literary, philosophical, or pictorial associations is called:
Program Music

The German term for the art song is:

What is a statement about Romantic choral music that is NOT true?
Only professional singers participated in nineteenth-century choruses.

What is NOT a type of absolute music?
the symphonic poem

Which young composer did Robert and Clara Schumann take into their home?

A group of Lieder unified by a narrative thread or by a descriptive or expressive theme is called:
the song cycle

Who was NOT a leading composer of Italian opera?

The nineteenth century saw the rise of a new social order shaped by:
the technological advances of the Industrial Revolution.

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What is not an example of program music?
String Quartet in B-flat Major

Impressionism: Sun Rising, the painting that sparked the Impressionist art movement, was created by:
Claude Monet

The librettist of Wagner’s music dramas was:
the composer himself

What best describes the role of women in nineteenth-century music?
The piano provided women with a socially acceptable performance outlet.

Italian comic opera is called:
opera buffa

A one-movement piece of program music for orchestra that, through several contrasting sections, develops a poetic idea or suggests a scene or mood is called:
a symphonic poem

What is vernacular music?
popular songs sung in a country’s native language

The Lied
art song with a solo voice and piano accompnaniment

Song Cycle
groups of Lieder that are unified by a narrative

“robbing time”; left hand keeps time, but the right hand does not always follow time

What was one of the works on Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel?
The Year (Das Jahr)

What was contradictory about Stephen Foster’s music?
He incorporated African Slave’s Rhythmic Qualities, yet he lived his whole life in the Northern United States

Program Music
instrumental music with literary or pictoral associations

making conscious decisions on which instruments play each line

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