Grade 5 "Bud Not Buddy" Study Guide

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Where did Bud live at the start of the book?
An orphanage

What event occurred that made Bud an Orphan?
his mom died and Bud never knew his dad

In the story, how old was Bud?
10 years old

When Bud was 6 years old, he felt this was “a bad time” in his life, why?
He was no longer “cute” and his teeth “body parts” started falling out.

When Bud was preparing to leave home, what 3 items did he take with him in his suitcase?
Blanket, flyers, clothes, rocks

What caused Mr & Mrs Amos to lock Bud up in the shed overnight?
Todd blamed Bud and they were afraid Bud would hurt them.

What 2 things did Bud see hanging from the top of the dark shed?
Wasp nest and Vampire bat

How did Bud escape the shed?
Broke the window

How did Bud get revenge on the Amos Family?
Bud made Todd wet the bed

After leaving the Amos house, where was Bud planning to go?
The Library

Buds mama use to tell Bud this saying about doors
When one door closes another door opens

After spending the night in the Library, where was Bud planning to have breakfast?
The Mission

When Bud arrived late to the Mission for breakfast, a strange homeless family came to Bud’s rescue in what way?
When Bud left to use the restroom, they pretended Bud was their son named Clarence

After having breakfast at the Misson, where did Bud go next?
The Library

Who found Bud sleeping behind the Library trees?

What did Bud and Bugs decide to do?
Hop on a freight train and go West

What town did Bud and Bugs catch the train?

Why are all the people in Hooverville planning to to go West?
No jobs in MI and they hear there are jobs out West

How did Bud and Bugs pay for their supper of Muskrat Stew?
KP Duty and dishes

From who did Bud recieve a Kiss?
Deza Malone

Who gave the men and boys trouble they attempted to hop the freight train?
The Police

What information did the Librarian remember about Bud and his mother?
they came together to the Library but had very different tastes in books

What kind of book did Bud ask the Librarian for?
book on Distances between Cities

Why did Bud go to Grand Rapids, MI?
To meet Herman E.

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What event happened to Bud at 2:30 am while he was outside Owasso, MI?
A man spotted Bud and stopped to offer Bud a ride

Who did the man successfully lure Bud out from hiding?
He offered Bud a sandwich, an apple and a Red Pop

What freight ended Bud so badly that he licked the kind man out of his own car and then tried to drive off?

When Bud and Mr Lewis reached Flint, MI where did they stop and eat for breakfast?
Mr Sleet’s house

What were the kids names?
Scott and Kim

According to Mr Sleet, what was a redcap?
The men who worked on the railroad loading the trains and took the bags to the cars

Who was a Redcap?
Mr Lewis and Mr Sleet

When traveling back to Grand Rapid, why were they pulled over by a policeman?
The policeman didn’t recognize their car and stopped them during the search for Labor Union organizers.

What specific location did Mr Lewis take Bud to meet Herman E. Calloway?
Mr Herman Calloway’s Club called, ” The Log Cabin”

How did the muscians react when Bud pointed his finger at Herman E Calloway saying, “Your my father”.?
They got quiet

What instrument did Jimmy play?
a horn

Name the 6 band members of the Dusky Devastators during the Great Depression?
Dirty Deed Breed, Chug Doo Doo Bug, Jimmy, Hec, Doug the Thug, Eddie Steady

After listening to the band members talk about Herman, what was Bud’s impression of Herman?
Herman was a mean and cold man

Who is Miss Thomas?
The vocalist for the Dusty Devastators

Who held Bud on their lap to comfort him when he was overcome with tears?
Miss Thomas

Before returning downstairs with his mothers picture to show Mr Jimmy and Miss Thomas, why did Bud stop to visit Herman E Calloway?
to comfort him because he was crying

What was so special about the guest room where Bud had been staying?
It was his mother’s room when she was a girl

What caused Mr Calloway’s daughter to run away?
He was too strict and he had dreams for her that she didn’t want.

How did Miss Thomas explain the rocks that Mr Calloway had collected?
Angela wanted rocks as a child, so Mr Calloway collected a rock from every city he played in, writing the date and city name from where it was collected.

Where did Bud put his mother’s picture that he had carried around with him for 4 years?
He tacked it to the wall with the horse projects

What instrument did Steady Eddie offer to teach Bud?

In what era or time period did the book Bud Not Buddy take place?

Who offered Bud a sandwich, apple and red pop?
Lefty Lewis

Why did Mr Calloway nickname his house. “Grand Calloway Station”?
His house reminded him of Grand Central Station with people constantly in and out

What made Buds guest room so scary?
He was afraid of the 2 closed doors

Steady Eddie gave what 2 gifts to Bud?
An old Saxophone case and a recorder

What nickname did the band give Bud?
Sleepy LaBone

Who played the Great Fiddle ?
Herman E Calloway

All of the band members of Dusty Devastators were African American except who?
Dirty Deed

Who is the LEGAL owner of the Log Cabin?
Dirty Deeds

What items did Bud discover in the glove box of Mr Calloway’s Packard?
Rocks with a date and city written on them

Who was Angela?
Buds mother

What is Buds relationship to Mr Herman E Calloway?

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