Buddy Rich Band Members

World War 2 he enlisted for the Marines but once the war ended he began to play the drums once again. Rich is also known for his short temper. He would explode on fellow musicians. He was recorded while going off on his band members which was exposed to the public. Rather than knowing him for his wonderful talent he was known for his short temper and disrespecting his band. Many believe that Rich would express himself in such a manner to demonstrate to younger musicians that he took his work serious and he didn’t tolerate anyone who wasn’t serious about music like he was.

Unfortunately Buddy pasted away in Los Angles, California on April 2, 1 987 due to a chemotherapy. In December of 1 938 Rich joined Artier Shaw, a famous jazz bandleader and clarinetist. During this time period big bands were the musical phenomenon in the LLC. S. , and Shaw was one of the best. Rich made the band swing as it never had before.

Besides being great musicians both Shaw and Rich were disliked by many. Rich had an advantage because the Shaw orchestra would appear on a weekly radio show where he was recognized by other musicians.

The following year Rich was hired by bandleader Tommy Dorset. Dodders band had a young singer named Frank Sinatra. Both Sinatra and Rich traveled on tours together but both men had similar personalities which caused them to clash with one another. Rich didn’t have much luck with the Dorset band because their style of music was very different to what Rich was used to playing.

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Buddy Riches drum kit is very unique. The kit sticks faithfully with the sizes Buddy played pretty much throughout his long career.

Essay Buddy

The only unusual item y modern standards is the bass drum, which, at ax’s’, is relatively shallow, reflecting the big band era Buddy grew up in. Riches rum set was custom made for him and was made in a different era so many parts are different or have different material to drums that are made now. Although his anger issues, Rich was one of the best drummers in mankind. Is said to be that there hasn’t been anyone like him. His legacy will live weather being the hot headed drummer or being an excellent drummer WI an exclusive gift like his.

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Buddy Rich Band Members
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