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Essay on “Rich man, poor man”

The first thought that visited me after reading this book what I could come up with, in order not to return the book to the library? The book is still in me, and I want everyone to know – I’ll give her thanks only to you, the readers, but to transcend themselves

So what made arisen such thoughts in my head ?!. What attracted me to this author? First, I came across a book where the quality of the translation at the level of “aerobatics”.

We must pay tribute, at the time when the book was worth 3p. 90 in., Translators did their work at a premium. Here, every member of the Club knows – the first thing that can be lost in translation is humor. It is worth noting an important detail – that seem ridiculous on one continent can cause resentment on the other. How to manage to reconcile all, known only to the creators of the translation.

You may ask – is that humorous stories? No, I just, I can not read books, which submitted a very important life issues with large-scale narrative tediousness! Before I reach deeper idea of ​​the author, which is inherent in youthful enthusiasm.

Second, I found an author who meets all my requirements to quality fiction. You know how it is – that I have for the lyrical mood, and this – for prosaic. We show the same, live the plot, do not let go, and with interest has a private space for the reader, is in what part of “turn around” the incoming thoughts

Irwin Shaw, you can start to read, at least for one reason -.

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To learn what it America? Here you will see people “without roots” who believed in the American dream without embellishment, where money and happiness – synonyms. “The show offers to meet with people who are destroying themselves, because they believed in the false ideals, chasing pseudo.” ( “Rich man, poor man”) Well, I will not dwell on this brilliant work, as has just published a review of the bookmixE, fully reveals his.

I was very moved by the stories.

«Sunny Beach Lethe river” Imagine that gradually you begin to notice that something became forget, and one day you are all erased in the memory – there is no burden of care, even forgot how to call relatives, and his boss is put in place, without knowing it. Turns out, it came the happiest day of your life. You, as a child, to discover simple things, and rejoice, and therefore – to really live

«Then we were three” two wealthy young men who have graduated from college, begin to travel through Europe.. The museum of Florence, they meet a beautiful girl who “drifts”, all in anticipation of their “revelations” in his life, and is pleased to join them. A story about first love, youthful carelessness, the spirit of travel. Shaw shows how the protagonist, although complains parents who already ready to hang him “judgment collar and responsibility,” he, faced with the first test “for lice” to make difficult decisions, for which he will not be ashamed.

«à la française» a story about love, about the sad music of the heart, tired of beating the tocsin tears into the void, an elusive, like sand between the fingers, and seeking to grasp, to hold that the return can not be ….

«Circle of Light”, “Is the whole life – just an empty room? I’m looking for an answer, I explorer, I’m looking for an oasis in the midst of the great American desert. You even can not imagine how lucky at first sight lives around. They walk, demonstrating to the world their smiling faces. I believe that there are people who do not pretend to be. ” Comic, even absurd, but sad storyline Shaw, shows to what can bring a person choking among hypocrisy.

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"Rich man, poor man" Review
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